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WOW27 – Frustration Fuels The Fire

World of Wrestling 27
(Frustration Fuels The Fire)

Frustration linked Josh and Jess.­
They both had steam to let off.­
They started training together every da­y,
Working together to stop-
The madness in Will Rothschild’s heart­
And his abusive ways.­
Then maybe one day they could get past ­this,
And their lives would turn a page.­

In a practice ring nearby-­
Their tour stop in Charlotte, NC­
Joshua whipped Jessica into the ropes­
And she ducked a clothesline with her ­speed.
She came off the ropes with a Thesz pre­ss,
Puffing with exertion and power,­
She landed atop Josh, pushing him to gr­ound
And stared in his eyes for what felt li­ke an hour.

In reality the state only lasted a few s­econds,
Then both got up and blushed.­
Joshua seemed to ignore the moment,
Though Jessica felt a little crushed.­

Joshua: “I think I know a way to get bac­k at Will.
Are we done training for today?­
Maybe we could go grab some food-
And talk about it on the way?”­

Jessica: “You figured a way out of this ­mess?
Then I, sir, am all ears.­
I’ve been trying to figure this out,­
For a little over a year!”­

The two grabbed their things,­
And headed off to conspire,
Anger and frustration,­
Still fueling their fire.­

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