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WOW31 – Time Off

World of Wrestling 31
(Time Off)

Hank McClannahan was in his office
Filing papers and stacks.
Just then he heard a knock at his door,
Just behind his back.
He said come in and they did as they were asked.
Jessica Valero and Joshua Slayter

Hank: “Ah yes. I asked to see you two.
Sit down sooner than later.”

The two sat down in the office that used to,
Be for William Rothschild.
But since Hank McClannahan started cleaning it out,
The place looked crazy and wild.

Hank: “Will left behind a lot of paperwork,
For me and the board to sift through.
But for now I just want to thank you two,
For everything that you did do.”

Hank paused for a moment, and the two said: “You’re welcome.”
But they respectfully stayed quiet for him.

Hank: “While WWL is in a state of flux,
And looking for a new GM,
I’d like to reward you with paid vacation.
Take as much time as you need.
Stay in shape, and come back soon.
To a WWL with no greed.”

Hank dismissed them with a few more words,
Then Joshua caught Jess’s eyes.

Jessica: “This is the most perfect timing!
Joshua, I’ve got a surprise.”

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