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ITR59 – Hero

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 59

In an instant, Dex, James, and Pandora,
Were on Magnus Canis safe and sound.
They got to work preparing for their quick getaway-
To get their ship back off the ground.

Amanda and Blayze were teleported too,
But their location was slightly askew.
They were in the middle of several dozen Gryvian Troops,
And. They had brought the Federation Ranger too.

Amanda: “Oh Snap…” Amanda said, raising her hands,
Blayze and the Ranger did likewise.

Ranger: “I thought you weren’t bringing me along.”

Gryvian Corporal: “Reach for the skies!”

The ranger snapped out and grabbed a Gryvian shield,
And a small hand gun.
Blayze and Amanda jumped behind him.
And he said to them: “Run!”

Amanda: “Run to where?!” Amanda pointed out,
“We don’t know where the Tractor Drone is!”

Ranger: “Can you not read Gryvian!?’

Amanda: “I mean, I wasn’t expecting a pop quiz!”

Ranger: “Down that hall, and to your left!
Don’t wait up for me!”

The Ranger did his job for them,
And they ran away hurriedly.

It took a minute or two to crack the code,
But everything was a blur.
The Ranger screaming and fighting the Gryvians,
Nothing seemed utterly sure.
But when the Tractor Drone was off-
The Ranger’s screaming ceased,
And without a word, Amanda teleported-
Back into the belly of their own beast.

Amanda: “Tractor’s down! Let’s get the heck out!”

But inside, she and Blayze
Were remembering the shout-
Of the warrior who gave his life so they might-
Get away from that place to continue the fight.

Blayze hugged Pandora, and James wandered by,
Just as they lifted up into the sky.

James: “You okay?” He said to Amanda, his captain,

Amanda: “Yeah…” She said dismissively-
Trying to hide within.

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