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ITR46 – Daddy Issues

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 46
(Daddy Issues)

Jarvis: “You are all to immediately stand down
Under federal galactic law.”

Commander Canine took a step forward with his hands behind his back
And the firm set of his jaw.

Jarvis: “James Washington, you’re wanted
For illegal tech repair,
And medical malpractice in the ancillary system
Of Telvani Surgair.
Dex Cramer, you’re also wanted for illegal tech repair.
Vampiric activities and more.”

He then turned his attention,
To Pandora and said:

Jarvis: “This is not in our primary system.
Give her a scan, Mr. Zedd.”

Pandora cowered beneath the scan,
Like an animal who was small.

Mr. Zedd: “Nothing Sir.”

Jarvis: “Good then, aiding and abetting is all.”

Then Commander Jarvis,
Turned his attention to Blayze.

Jarvis: “Blayze Hallack, you are wanted
For petty crimes in the Silvani Trace,
Illegal Tech repair, and… Wait. What’s this?”

Jarvis looked long and hard at his screen

Jarvis: “Undisclosed War Crimes in the Silvani war,”

His gaze looked confused and mean.

Jarvis: “I fought in the Silvani war, young man.
You’ll be dealt with appropriately.”

Then the Commander turned his attention,
To Amanda-

Jarvis: “Interesting to see-
What kind of friends you’ve fallen in with-
Amanda. Can we talk?”

Amanda folder her arms and stared a stare-
As if she’d throw him out an airlock-
If she got the slightest chance.

Amanda: “Jump in a black hole, dad!”

Tears welled up inside her eyes-
She was getting so very mad.

Amanda: “Anything you have to say to me,
You can say it to my friends!
They have stuck with me always,
And they’ll stick with me to the end!”

Dex: “Unless selling her out,
Get’s me some time off.”

Jarvis: “Amanda Canine, I’ve told you-
I will not tolerate these stand-offs!
Separate them all for questioning and then-
We’ll get to the bottom this,
This little ITR mission.”

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