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ITR33 – The Barn

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 33
(The Barn)

Spying on others really wasn’t Blayze’s thing.
He valued his own privacy a lot.
But he figured he could just make sure that Dex,
Didn’t have some strange evil plot.
If nothing was over the top with bad,
He’d leave Dex to his own deeds.
But later that day Dex bumped into him,
And it gave him several leads.

Dex had been carrying several med kits,
More than one would ever need.
So Blayze made a mental note to check on Dex,
And followed him through some weeds.
On the other side of their overgrown field,
A rusty barn, on a hill, loomed.
Dex didn’t waiver but went inside.
Blayze’s face froze with dread and gloom.

He followed Dex and peeked inside,
And what he saw was a wreck.
Dex was laid out on a table,
Being sucked by vampiric tech.
Blayze wasn’t sure what Dex was powering
Or why he would try to hide.
But something wasn’t right with Dex Cramer.
Something was amiss inside.

Blayze tried and tried to ignore the truth,
And push the scene out of his mind,
But 2 days later he had seen the same thing,
A myriad of times.
Dex laid out on a table, 
With a look of ecstasy,
Plugged up to a vampiric feeder hose,
And letting his blood flow free.

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