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ITR34 – Supper Time

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 34
(Supper Time)

Everyone but Dex sat down
To a home-cooked meal.
The ribs and mashed potatoes were hot.
And the cornbread- warm to the feel.

Amanda: “Hyra, you make quite the spread!
Who taught you to cook?”

Hyra: “My mother, dear. Is Dex in the washroom?
I didn’t take a look.”

Amanda: “No. He’s hard at work on the ship.
We don’t want to free-load.”

James: “Speak for yourself! These ribs-
Are a special kind of spicy-bold!”

Jem: “It ain’t no trouble helpin’ y’all out.
Stay as long as you need.”

Amanda: “Thanks Poppa Cramer!
But we’ve got the need for speed.”

Jem nodded and folded his napkin,
And put it in his lap.

Jem: “Hyra, did you hear the story
‘Bout that guy down near Central Flat?”

Hyra: “No I didn’t, what happened, dear?”

Jem: “He got hold of a crashed 320 Sphere.”

Hyra: “He didn’t!”

Jem: “He did!
And he’s taking it apart.
He showed me some pictures.
It’s a work of art.”

Hyra: “Don’t you be saying that!
Spheres are vampiric!”

James: “But with no Gryvian,
What harm is there in it?”

Hyra: “Jem and I believe
In an older sort of way.
Blood sucking machines
Didn’t exist in our day!”

James: “Then I suppose you support check gates,
And limits on AI?
The singularity and all that hogwash?”

Hyra: “I don’t know that I-
Oh wait! Yes-
I remember now.
Isn’t that the notion-
That Androids can develop a sense,
Of morals and emotion?”

Pandora: “And if that happens (the spook stories say,)
That we are totally screwed.”

Amanda wiggled her fingers to make fun,
Which might have been a little rude.

Jem: “Blayze, you’ve been mighty quiet tonight,
What would your opinion be,
On making Androids come to true life,
And this ‘singularity?'”

Blayze looked ’round and then turned red.

Blayze: “May I be excused?
I think Dex may need my help.
Maybe I can bring him some food.”

Hyra: “Of course.”

Pandora: “I’ll come with you too.”

The two stood up and left.
But all Blayze could focus on,
Was beating in Pandora’s chest.

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