Poets At War: The Spiritual World, Mythology, and the Bible

In this episode of Poets At War, hosts Joshua David Ling, Alexander Robertson, and Brendan Sunshine delve into the topic of the spiritual world and how our understanding of it has been shaped by the enlightenment, postmodernism, and the Church. They explore how these movements have largely demythologized the Bible and our view of the natural world, and how The Bible paints a very different picture of the spiritual realm.

Through a deep and thought-provoking conversation, the hosts discuss the importance of mythology in our understanding of spirituality and how it can provide a framework for a more holistic view of the world. They also examine the ways in which modern society has suppressed our connection to the spiritual realm, and how this has affected our mental health and overall well-being.

Join us for an insightful and enlightening discussion on the spiritual world and its relevance in today’s world. Visit https://joshuadavidling.com to learn more about the hosts and their work.

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