My Own Song

Notes Of Destiny 10
(My Own Song)

Windy ran as fast as she could
Back home to get supplies.
In truth she had no clue what to bring
She had never left Fairwood’s green skies.
By the time that she had reached her house,
Very few had woken up.
She crept into their storage shed,
And began to look for cups.

Cruncher: “I always knew you were crazy.”
Cruncher said, making Windy jump.
He walked around and sat down
On a stool made out of a stump.

Cruncher: “Running off with your handsome stranger?
Leaving both Mom and Dad?
Where are your priorities, Windy?
They gave you everything you had!”

Windy paused for a moment,
Formulating a reply.

Windy: “This isn’t the place for me, Cruncher.
It’s time for me to fly.
You all care, but you do not seek
The Great Songwriter’s face.
It’s time that I take my things,
And go seek my own place.
And even if my trip is cut short,
And it isn’t very long,
I must go now Cruncher.
I must seek my own song.”

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