Category: Episode 3 – Cyclone Jones: Standing Peachtree

Standing Peachtree

Guardians Of Atlanta 22 (Standing Peachtree) The next few weeks were very good for the Jones family. Phillip Keller and his men were all taken into custody, and they sold much of their gold and put the rest in safekeeping. Many thought they’d sell their home, but they didn’t. Instead they fixed it up and […]

Thus Says The Lord

Guardians Of Atlanta 21 (Thus Says The Lord) Edoda… Ahiyasdi yah! Edoda… Ahiyasdi yah! Edoda… Ahiyasdi yah! (Cherokee Very Roughly Translated: “Father… Save Me!”) Down in the dry north creek bed- A solemn sight filled Cyrus with dread. Five or more unknown men- Were hauling gold out of a little den. But suddenly one spotted […]

Memories And An Angel

Guardians Of Atlanta 20 (Memories And An Angel) Cyrus went out into the field where began her hurting. ‘Twas a bright summer morn, and she needed some good soul searching. She thought of days gone by, of her and Connor hangin’ without a care. She remembered the day he took her fishin’ when she finally […]

The Seed of Greed

Guardians Of Atlanta 18 (The Seed of Greed) When Phillip Keller was just a boy he dreamed of large machines, Empires, industry, things to help man, yes, that was his life-long dream. But as he grew older, the things that he built to help man went askew. He was seduced by power and pride, and […]

Not Helping

Guardians Of Atlanta 18 (Not Helping) Phones rang in the police station, And everyone hustled ’round. Then John Holbrook came over to see the Jones’ And then with them, sat down. He was a veteran officer, Who wore his badge with pride. And he tried to be calm and sympathetic, As he asked questions and […]