Guardians Of Atlanta 23
(A Second Chance At Evil)

Phillip Keller sat in his bed,
At North Fulton Regional Hospital.
He could not move below his neck,
Or at least, it was very little.
The doctors said he’d be likely regain-
Some movement down to his waist.
But it wouldn’t be for some time.
He hated resting in this place.

The privacy curtain was drawn in the room,
And off all his lights now turned.
But he stewed with anger at Cyrus Jones
He would see that crazy witch burned.

Then his door quietly swung open
And a figure stood there unseen.
Waiting for an abnormal amount of time
Behind Phillip’s privacy screen.

“Oh Daddy…”
The voice whispered with malicious intent.
“Are you awake?”
Then with a long knife the curtain was rent.

Before Phillip could scream or pull on his cord
The figure crossed the room in a bound.
He covered Phillip’s mouth with one of his hands,
And the knife next to Phillip’s throat was found.
It stopped just short of piercing flesh
And Phillip looked up and saw
A pale looking young man with jet black hair
With a smile that made his skin crawl.

A device on the young man’s hip blinked blue
And kept Phillip’s heart monitor calm.
The young man played with the blade on Phillip’s neck.

“There’s no reason for alarm.
You’re a little psychopath, you know?
If you scream now,
You’ll be dead.”

He removed his hand from Phillip’s mouth
And Phillip rested his head.

Philip: “What in the world could you want from me?”

“It’s not what I want, brother.
It’s what the will of Red Death wants,
And he wants another-
Poor unfortunate soul for his army.
But… There’s something in it for you!
Not only will you walk again…
You’ll have revenge on Cyrus Jones too.”

Phillip then began to chuckle.

Phillip: “I’d do anything for that.”

“Then a surgeon will be with you shortly.
To finish our little pact…
Oh wait, I’m here now!”

The man exclaimed,
And Phillip’s head cried out in pain.
But try as he might, he could not scream,
The young man slipped his knife
Into Phillip’s skull it seemed.
Then everything began to go black.

“No Phillip, Don’t go!
Please come back!”

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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