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ITR48 – Interviewing Dex Cramer

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 48
(Interviewing Dex Cramer)

Dex: “Look man, you’re not going to get us to talk!
We’ve beat guys way tougher than you!
You think you’ve got the iron will to crack us?
You’re like some… Cruddy old… Shoe!”

Jarvis sat with arms folded,
And violently rolled his eyes.
He simply stared at Dex,
Confused at this ITR, Pint-sized.

Jarvis: “You said in your initial statement
To the other guards,
That you didn’t even know the other accomplices
You seem to be some kind of bard
Making up stories out of thin air,
Now you’re telling me-
That you’ve beaten guys like me, with them?”

Dex: “Well… Technically…”

While Dex Cramer fidgeted,
Jarvis began to see,
A few specific details about Dex,
Scars on his arm that anyone could see.
A few other specific tendencies,
Soon began to give way-
To Jarvis’s suspicions about Dex

Dex: “-And that’s how I got away.”

Jarvis: “Let me stop you right there for a second.
Hold on just a sec.
Shoot with me straight, Dex Cramer,
Are you a user of Vampiric tech?”

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