Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 20
(A New Boss)

The ancient, creaky elevator
Jostled it’s way to the floor,
If Sector 13 at SHA
Full of dangerous criminals of war.
A guard with shaking limbs
Stepped into the concrete halls
Limbs shaking as automatic lights
Lit his way along the walls.

He shook violently as he shuffled along
To places he shouldn’t be.
He held up a card to a card reader,
But it wasn’t his ID.

A door opened and inside
Was an ancient one-way phone.
On the other side was a straight jacketed Anton
Smiling there alone.

The guard picked up the receiver and listened.

Allister Anton: “Good, Jimbo. You’re here.
I was beginning to wonder if you were coming.
Seeing you makes me want to cheer.”

The guard nervously shifted
And gulped before his reply.

Guard: “All is going according to plan… Except”

Anton: “Except what, My good guy?”

Guard: “Except the plans you were planning-
Now belong to someone else.
And he sent me to tell you-
To chill and rot in that cell.”

Anton: “WHAT?!?” Anton angrily screamed,
As the guard hung up the receiver,
And left Anton foaming at the mouth
In a fiery fit and fever.

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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