Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 19 (Verdict) Judge: “Thank you kindly, Captain Majestic, For saving all in my courtroom. Everyone please be seated. This judgement my heart has consumed. Everyone sat quietly as asked, Though some were nervous about the hole Gaping in the side of […]
In the seventh chapter of “The Rhyming Little Mermaid,” we see the intimate conversation between Silas and Serena. Silas confides in Serena about his upcoming marriage to the Galatian Princess Demi, and although he is unenthused about it, he feels powerless to change his fate. Serena, […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 80 (Trust) As Marlynn’s eyes lingered on Amy, She screamed and tried to run. But of course, she couldn’t, Because to the wall she clung. Marlynn tip-toed over cautiously Trying to put her at ease. Marlynn: “I’m sorry that I scared you, Amy. […]
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