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The Sea-Witch (FNF5) – Poetry for Warriors Daily (Ep. 5)

Serena follows Phineas’ directions to the sea-witch’s lair. She finds herself in a desolate and dark seascape, but determined to become a woman and experience the grace of the Creator. Serena discovers a sunken ship filled with the bones of Manfolk and enters a small room where she meets the Sea-Witch. The Sea-Witch is cruel and initially refuses to help Serena, but Serena insists on making the transformation despite the cost. The Sea-Witch demands Serena’s voice and grace as payment, and cruelly cuts out Serena’s tongue. She then warns Serena of the rules she must follow: she can never speak or sing again, she will walk with invisible needles in her feet, and she must find true love or else turn to foam. Serena is left in shock and uncertainty, wondering if this is the end or just the beginning of her journey.

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