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GOA71 – Finally…

Guardians Of Atlanta 71

“Wires are such a simple thing.”

Clipper thought to himself.

“They carry a signal from one end to the other,
And they never ask for help.”

He stripped a few more red wires,
And wrapped them to terminal ends.
He closed the casing on the project he’d finished
And began to walk away then.

His toolbox in one hand, he pulled out his phone
And dialed the number labeled “Red.”

He put the earpiece to his ear and said,

Clipper: “The Mayor is dead.”

Just as he did that, a massive explosion
Sounded behind his back.
Sirens began to roar in the background

Red: “Thank you for picking up the slack.
Plan B worked. We no longer need-
Amira the Blessed Twin.”

Clipper: “That’s all fine and dandy, Red.
But I think there’s something you’re forgettin?
Even if Plan B worked,
We straight up lost the vessel.
I’m sick and tired of your boys in New York.
They have no clue how to wrestle.”

Red: “That’s why I’m sending you up there, Clipper.”

Clipper stopped in his tracks.

Clipper: “To find the vessel once and for all?”

Red: “Clipper, that is your path.”

Clipper: “It will be done.”

Clipper said, as he hung up his phone excitedly.
He continued to walk, and put sunglasses on,
As he said to himself:

Clipper: “Finally.”

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