We’re at the two minute warning, folks! Only 2 minutes left to finish in my Stone Cutter timeline, and then we can release the 6 minute short film! In this latest image, The Stone Cutter is raining down on a mountain trying to break it, but […]
Today I’m going to mainly be working on getting things together for a live variety version of Poets At War called “Poets At War Live” But I managed to make this awesome cloud stone cutter today, and I’m really excited about how the animated story is […]
Created two pictures based on one AI generation, showing the stone-cutter burning up nearby towns as the sun. I think the quick fading change is quite impactful overall and I’m very happy with it.
I’m going to be documenting more of my creation processes, equipment, etc here in it’s own sub-section of the blog. I’m also planning a seperate youtube channel and some other things. But for today, I’m going to share with you the two images I generated using […]
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