The Stone Cutter turns into The Sun!

I’m going to be documenting more of my creation processes, equipment, etc here in it’s own sub-section of the blog. I’m also planning a seperate youtube channel and some other things. But for today, I’m going to share with you the two images I generated using https://playgroundai.com  for my upcoming 6 minute storytelling short-film The Stone Cutter.

These two images will be used as The Stone Cutter is wishing to turn from a prince into the sun. It’s a very surreal thing going from a person to a heavenly body, and I wanted the image to reflect that. It kind of gives me Mr. Clean meets Sun-maid raisins vibes.

My prompt was something like: (And forgive me, I plan on putting my prompts here for learning purposes in the future.)

“Anthropromorphic sun with a smiling asian face.”

I used the “delicate detail” filter first, got to something I liked, then ran that through the “Dream Haven” filter (My main style for this short.) It initially gave him a neck and a garment made of clouds. I thought that was cool but decided to use my cotton brush in Procreate to cover most of that up. (This is also foreshadowing for when a cloud will be blocking him later.)

He also looked too happy at first so I dragged down on his eyebrows and covered up the seams with an airbrush smudge.

Overall, I’m very happy with how he turned out. Let me know if you want video tutorials on this kind of stuff!

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