The Rhyming Little Mermaid: A Dramatized Audiobook by Joshua David Ling

Experience “The Rhyming Little Mermaid” in a whole new way with this enchanting audiobook, narrated by Joshua David Ling. This classic fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen is rewritten in rhyme, adding a fresh perspective to the beloved story.

Joshua David Ling brings the characters to life with dynamic narration, taking listeners on the journey of a curious and adventurous mermaid who falls in love with a prince. But when she makes a deal with a sea witch to give up her voice for legs, she must face the consequences of her choices.

With music and sound effects that transport you to an underwater world, this audiobook is perfect for families to enjoy. Immerse yourself in the magic of “The Rhyming Little Mermaid” with this captivating performance.

00:00 – 1. Tales of Manfolk
03:27 – 2. Witnessing Manfolk
06:36 – 3. Captivated
08:53 – 4. The Sea Witch
14:03 – 5. Adrift
15:38 – 6. A True Friend
17:28 – 7. The Duty of a Prince
19:27 – 8. The Princess of Galatia
21:55 – 9. In The Garden
23:35 – 10. Heart Shatter
29:17 – 11. That Was Not The End

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