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ITR28 – Trembles

The Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 28

James Washington rummaged here and there,
Pulling out every weapon he could.
James always kept a heavy arsenal
In his bed crates made of wood.
Seeing Pandora fighting like she did,
Made him feel he’d seen a ghost.
And at this point, a feeling of safety,
Was what he wanted the most.

The ship’s hull creaked as he loaded his rifle,
And quietly peeked down the hall.
There were many quiet noises he couldn’t place,
But the loudest one of all-
Was the quiet trembling in his boots,
Vibrating the metal floor.
He had no one left on his side,
And no clue what was in store.

Something tapped him on the shoulder,
And he wheeled around to see,
Pandora standing with bullet wounds,
Her eyes filled with glee.
He pointed the rifle and backed away,
Nearly tripping all over his legs.

Pandora: “I have him locked up in the galley.
I hope he’s not eating our eggs!”

Pandora looked at James’ face,
And tilted her head quizzically-
While blood and fluid seeped from her wounds,
And James still thought to flee.

Pandora: “Come on, James, this isn’t the time,
To lay down in a heap!
We have to get to the bottom of this,
And wake the others from sleep!”

James nodded quietly.
And didn’t say a word.
They rose up to go to the galley, and James thought-

”Pandora is one strange bird.”

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