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GOA93 – Taking Sweet Time

Guardians Of Atlanta 93
(Taking Sweet Time)

Up and up Amy did stride,
Seeing none of the beauty around her.
Instead preoccupied with ugliness inside-
Making her completely unsure.
The voices in her head clawed at her brain
Like when Jezebel told her:
“You’re a moth to the flame.”

Diana said: “Don’t fight it.
Your spirit’s fate is thus.”

Mary screamed in her head
And she would not hush.
Belle pleaded with her
To drop where she was.
And Britney wasn’t worried.
She didn’t care too much.

But the seemingly smallest
voice of them all,
Was the voice of herself.
Lost in her mind’s squall.

It was Interrupted of course
when Brock’s knights advanced.
But their timing was grave,
They didn’t stand a chance.

Brock’s Knight 1: “Hey! You there!
you’re not supposed to be up here.”

Brock’s Knight 2: “Yeah she is man!
Don’t you remember what we’re
supposed to do if come across
The one who will
Take her up the mountain,
Her destiny to fulfill?”

The knights grabbed her arms
and she struggled for a moment.
But Jezebel came forth
And then their arms were broken.

She blew them away from her
With magics cold and dark.
And she laughed as they stared at her.

Jezebel: “My bite is worse than my bark.
I’ll get to the top
when I’m good and ready.
These things take time.
Raising a witch is quite unsteady.”

The knights laid there in awe and in pain.
And they had no doubts. This girl was insane.

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