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GOA85 – Meeting In The Woods

Guardians Of Atlanta 85
(Meeting In The Woods)

Among the leaves and among the brush
Cyrus led Amy and Marlynn.

Cyrus: “Come on guys, not much further.
The others are up past that garden.”

Cyrus pointed to a place where they
Could see a small clearing.
But it was still secluded enough, Marlynn thought,
At least for the time being.
They reached it without interference.
And the Guardians drew in close.
They spoke in hushed voices just in case
Brock’s knights would hear them and know.
Marlynn spoke first to William.

Marlynn: “Nice armor.” He said in jest.

William: “Nice cloak.” William returned back to him.
“Why is your friend so stressed?”

He nodded over to Amy,
Who shuddered like a leaf in the breeze.

Marlynn: “You’ve got to help her, man.
You’ve got to help her, please.”

William: “Let’s start with names.
I’m William, and this is my crew.
Amira is the small one.
Cyrus already met you.
And Bobby is the one
in the vest and hat.”

Marlynn: “Pleased to meet all of you.
Very pleased in fact.
You seem to know much of us.
But names have slipped your grasp?”

William shrugged and said quietly,

William: “Some things do get past.”

Marlynn: “My name is Marlynn.
And this is my friend Amy.
I’ve been taking care of her for about a month.
And her problems are great and many.
She seems to have many personalities
But all of them seem to say.
Stone Mountain over and over again.
So we went away
To seek out this mountain of Stone
And finally put to rest-
Whatever it is that’s troubling her.
And the rest, I’m sure you’ve guessed.”

William: “For the most part Marlynn.
We’ve been keeping a very close eye.
Your friend seems to come from a place
Where they tried to apply
Some sort of pseudo-science to her
To do what? We know not.
But we all will help you now,
To find out what damage has been wrought.”

Marlynn: “We’ve been followed along the way.
Tracked by people unknown.”

William: “We’re aware of who is following you.
But it remains to be shown
Why they’re following you and what they want.
I suppose we’ll start work on guessing.
But before we set out to find what we seek,
I think we should say a blessing.”

William bowed his head,
And the rest followed along.
And when he had finished his simple prayer,
Amy was simply… Gone.

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