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GOA75 – The Forbidden Darkness

Guardians Of Atlanta 75
(The Forbidden Darkness)

Marlynn: “What?”

He asked with a confused look.

Marlynn: “Who are you? Why are you here?”

Girl: “I’m so lost. And so are you.
We are both-… We’re-”

The girl looked behind her with a short gasp.
But then looked at him and laughed.

Girl: “Angels brought me here to see you.
They said you can help me come back.”

Marlynn: “What are you talking about?
Do you even know what you’re saying?”

Girl: “Words and phrases interrupted your praying.
Words from the darkness,
And smiles from the Angels.
Fire from the miscreants
and trials from the strangers.
And now we’re being attacked.
You have my front, I have your back.”

Just then two street thugs jumped into the room
And grabbed the girl by her arms.
They laughed in their glee as they pulled her away,
Looking to do her harm.
Marlynn jumped up and rose from the shadows,
Towering over the men.
Streaming billows of shadowy blackness
Emanating from him.
Mar’s eyes grew black as he called upon
His dark and cursed powers.
And they filled the hall of his stone-walled home,
And permeated her towers.

The thugs were dumbfounded. Standing there,
As the darkness overtook them.
They then began to feel sharp pain
As the darkness began to condemn.
Small cuts and bruises were all Mar could inflict
Before the assailants did flee.
And when the darkness left, The girl fell into his arms,
And said to him-
Girl: “You saved me.”

She then fell asleep. And he thought for a moment
That maybe she had fainted.
It was almost as if she’d been sleepwalking.
But that theory seemed to be tainted.

Whatever the case, he carried her to bed,
And studied her beautiful face.

Marlynn: “Lord, I asked you to send me something.
Perhaps this is your grace?
I beg your forgiveness for my dark heart,
And all the things it just did.
Please forgive all my wandering, Lord.
And please keep me from being backslid.”

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