Guardians Of Atlanta 49
(The Mission)

After the confusion had come to a close,
Cyrus cleared a table.
The three unlikely heroes sat,
Ready, Willing, and Able.
Cyrus dialed a special number
on her mobile phone.
And the computerized voice of Mr. H came
After a fake dial tone.

Mr. H: “Am I on speaker Cyrus? Is William there with you?”

Bobby: “What am I, chump change, Mr. H?
I don’t want to have to sue.”

Mr. H: “No, I’m glad if all three are there. William, do you hear me?”

William: “Who is this? What’s going on?”

Cyrus: “Just listen and you’ll see.”

Mr. H: “As you three well know, something is happening at Stone Mountain.
I have gathered you all together to become a knowledge fountain.
From you will flow the information that we all seek.
And we will save Quinton Fenris. I know he grows weak.”

Bobby: “What are we waiting for? Where do we begin?”

William: “And how did you know where Master Fenris has been?”

Mr. H: “I am the leader of COURAGE a Coalition of sorts.
That is, we run our operation with many ports.
People of all different backgrounds and lives.
With many worldviews, but one thing abides.
We all believe no one man should rule.
And One World Government would be incredibly cruel.
Thus in order to squelch this fire.
We formed The Coalition Of Underground Resistances
Against Global Empire.”

William: “So you’re going to help me save my Master?”

Mr. H: “That is the plan. Is that what you’re after?”

William: “If you are truthful, I see no other way.”

Cyrus: “Looks like we’ve got ourselves a mission today.”

Mr. H: “It is decided then. You will follow William’s lead.
Be sure to tell me anything you all will need.
Shieldmaiden’s information will show you where Fenris is.
I am texting you that, Cyrus. Go find this Master of his.”

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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