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GOA100 – The Tide Turns

Guardians Of Atlanta 100
(The Tide Turns)

As numbers began to increase,
Amira grew ever mindful,
That these Knights of Brock were biding their time.
And even seemed somewhat spiteful.
They knew they had the numbers,
And that they were going to win.
So Amira started looking around,
For ways that she could begin-
To change the tide of this little skirmish,

And then she found the one.
A Knight about 100 feet from her,
Who could seemingly disarm everyone.
He was incredibly good at the little trick,
He seemed to have practiced a lot.
Just a little flick of his wrist,
And his opponent was suddenly lost.
Amira drew near to him,
And brushed her hand across his back.
She copied this simple ability or talent,
And began to pick up the slack.

She picked up a rapier,
That was lying on the ground,
And she began to disarm the knights,
Not just throwing the weapons to the ground,
But off the ledge of the mountain,
All the way to the earth.
And slowly the Knight’s attitude changed,
As they saw Amira’s worth.
Soon, Brock’s knights were worried,
And panic began to grip,
Then Cyrus’ hail subsided,
But she managed to slip,
One last lightning bolt in for good measure.

The Knights cowered back in fear.
Some retreated, some surrendered,
And the sound of it reached Brock’s ear.

Brock: “You cowards!” He screamed,
“Stand up and fight!”

William: “It’s over, Brock. We have won.”

Brock: “You think you are right!”

Brock charged William,
and William stepped aside,
And Brock’s end came
Due to his pride.
For Will was standing
Too close to the side,
Brock plummeted below,
And when he hit ground,
He died.

William stared down,
His heart broken in two.
His old rival he’d prayed so much for,
The one that had been there through-
The thick and the thin until Master Dodd turned,
William stood there mesmerized,
His heart within him burned.
Amira came next to him,
And put her hand on his arm,
Feeling exactly how he felt,
All his cause for alarm.

William: “We need to set up camp.
Amira, the sun sets very soon.”

Amira: “We will find Amy, Will.
Trust God will care for her by moon.”

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