World Wide Warrior 30
(Going World Wide)

Braden slowly walked into a room
On the other side of the wall,
The humidor was a secret passage
To a warehouse cold and tall.
Inside, far off, toward the other end,
He saw three figures stand.
He was led closer by Nick Tracer,
And he finally began to understand.

Braden: “Hey, That’s my Grandma with Daniella!”

Nick: “Hey! You’re super smart.”

Daniella was tied up, and obviously unconscious,
But his grandmother gave him a start.
She was standing and smiling with her hands on her hips,
And soon she excitedly exclaimed

Rayen: “I’m so proud of you, Braden!”

Nick: “He did a great job playin’ the game.”

The third figure Braden saw, he realized was a mannequin,
It had a familiar look to it, which gave him a confused grin.
The mannequin wore a familiar suit,
With obvious and substantial upgrades.
It was a specialized version of Warrior suit
And Braden stood stunned and amazed.

He then remembered himself and ran to Daniella.

Nick: “Don’t worry, she’s takin’ a nap.
Nothing that’s going to harm her in the long-run.
We made sure of that.”

Braden: “Grandma! What is going on?
What on earth did you do?!”

Rayen smiled and hugged her grandson,

Rayen: “Now I know you’re mad at me,
But Daniella and her parents will be well-compensated,
For that time that she wasn’t free.
I listened to what you said to me, about not being able to sustain-
The amount of time and money we spent, playing the hero game.
So that’s where Nick and his organization, COURAGE, now comes in.”

Nick: “You must be tired of losing, Braden.
Are you ready to win?”

Braden took a moment to look over Daniella,
She really was completely fine.
She actually looked peaceful, like she’d had a great sleep,
His attention turned this time-
To the new suit on the mannequin,
He ran his fingers over it and was surprised.
The fabric was extremely dense and strong,
But slim, it’d definitely protect his life.

Nick: “I had a team of designers on this for a month,
We spent a pretty penny on you.
We want to send you all around the world,
We have a ton that you could do.”

Rayen: “They’re the Coalition Of Underground Resistances Against Global Empire.
They’re friends of Chris Magnus, Braden, and they say the need is dire.”

Nick: “We’re basically going to pay for whatever you need,
As long as you in turn do
All that you’ve done so far in California,
All over the world too.
I know this wasn’t a fun way to be recruited,
But they insisted that I test you.
What do you say, Braden?
Is this something that you’ll do?”

Braden looked around and thought.
He did love using his talents,
And the main reason he pursued MMA
Is the prize money, not the thrill.

Braden: “As long as my Grandma travels with me,
And Daniella’s kept safe from harm,
I’ll gladly take this job for now,
And join with you in arms.”

Nick handed Braden Shadowlash,
And Braden’s smile beamed.
The World Wide Warrior had just been born,
And he let out a warrior’s scream.

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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