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WWW27 – A Spicy Bout

World Wide Warrior 27
(A Spicy Bout)

Fights like this didn’t need referees.
But someone must start the fight.
That man stood between Spicy and Braden,
And quickly began their night.

Spicy came out swinging hard
and swinging at nothing but air.
Braden dodged, and bobbed and weaved,
Like a man in a rocking chair.
But if a single one of those vicious throws,
Would’ve hit their target square,
There was nothing Braden could do,
To ready or prepare.

Spicy grew even more red,
Veins bursting out of his neck.
Braden took one step forward,
And brought him down to the deck.
He used Spicy’s forward momentum,
To bring the angry man down.
He tried then to grab a rear naked choke,
To end this round.

Braden was surprised himself,
When he locked the choke deeply in.
Spicy’s whole body screamed with frustration,
And adrenaline pumping within.
He lifted Braden of the ground,
From a dead lift squat.
The crowd cheered loudly as Braden,
Held on for all that he’d got.

Then Spicy shifted his feet,
As if to jump and slam,
Braden hanging upon his back,
So Braden let go then.
He stared wide-eyed at this fiery ginger,
Who’s temper was so severe.
And in his heart there flashed,
A moment of true fear.

Braden backed off, trying to lay in leg kicks,
As Spicy slowed his attack.
Braden hoped to tire Spicy out,
Then take this fight back.
He threw a roundhouse kick at Spicy,
But Spicy charged and sent,
Braden up and over his back,
Head over heals Braden went.

But on the way down to the mat, Braden bear-hugged Spicy’s legs.
He also body-locked with his own.
Holding onto Spicy with all four,
This hold he could not disown.
He clamped down triangle style with leg and body lock alike.
Spicy fell forward onto his a stomach,
And Braden squeezed with a his might.
Spicy’s breath became labored and slow,
As Braden’s legs held Spicy’s stomach flat.

The crowd began to boo loudly,
As this hold took its patient time.
They wanted to see Braden knocked out,
But Braden didn’t mind.
He’d rather face hundreds of people,
Than this juggernaut one on one.
Spicy’s insides now,
We’re going completely numb.
He labored hard to escape the hold,
And screamed in a final attempt.
He then tapped out, and Braden let go,
Every ounce of their energy was spent.

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