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WOW26 – Joshua Slayter Vs. Pierce Larkin

World of Wrestling 26
(Joshua Slayter Vs. Pierce Larkin)

The next night on Inferno,­­
WWL’s flagship show,­­
Joshua was set to face an opponent,­­
Who had style and flow.­­
The Jazzman Pierce Larkin,
Was an improviser in the ring,­­
Who fed off the crowd’s hatred of him,­­
And then did many amazing things.­­
He was a lot smaller than Joshua.­­
He weighed about 190.
But Josh did not underestimate him,­­
Because he was tiny.

After they made their entrances,
And the Bell was rung,­­
Joshua let everything else go,­­
And tried to have some fun.­­
The Jazzman moved around tentatively,
Striking Josh’s legs with kicks,­­
Joshua then rammed him into the corner,­­
And began to dish out the licks.­­
Spinning belly to belly suplex out of the corn­­er,
And Joshua went for the pin,­­
Pierce kicked out in a one,­­
But Joshua held him again.­­

A gutwrench from behind,­­
Turned into a Full Nelson.­­
And Pierce tried his best to squirm awa­­y,
He tried his best to run.­­

Joshua Slayter pulled him up,
Keeping the hold in tact.­­
Pierce threw Josh with a snapmare,
Landing Josh on his back.­­
Pierce then went to run off the ropes,­­
And go for a seated dropkick,­­
But Joshua dodged it quick as he could,­­
Making it look super slick.


Pierce crashed and burned on the mat,­­
And Joshua grabbed him again,­­
Josh whipped him into the far ropes,
And came back with a powerslam.­­
Josh went again to try and pin-­­
Pierce and win the fall,­­
But Pierced kicked out at a two count,­­
Which was impressive to all.­­

But then Pierce seemed to decide
That he could not win this match,­­
So blatantly in front of the referee
He changed his tactics fast.
He raked Josh’s eyes with his nails,­­
And the ref had nothing to say,­­
No disqualifications for,­­
The dirty way Pierce had played.­­

Pierce then rolled Josh into a school bo­­y pin,
And the ref began to count,­­
Pierce put his feet up on the ropes,­­
To make sure he’d win this bout.­­
Cheating as plainly as any could see,­­
Pierce Larkin got the win,­­
His music played on the PA,­­
And he exited the ring with a grin.­­

Joshua took one look at the referee,­­
But the ref wouldn’t look at him.­­
Anger seethed inside the Bigdog.­­
It was no longer about Terralynn.­­
Will wasn’t just punishing Jessica,­­
For what had happened before,­­
Will now was punishing him as well,­­
And this is what he had in store,­­
Biased referees to make sure,­­
He never wins a fall?­­
Joshua left the ring the loser,­­
Determined to stand tall.­­

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