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WOW24 – Checked Out

World Of Wrestling 24
(Checked Out)

Joshua slowly opened his eyes,
And he stared up at the lights.
Jessica shaded him with her form,

Jessica: “It’s gonna be alright.”

The trainers hustled out to the ring,
Ready to help him away.
But Joshua stood before they got there.
And he said:

 “I’m okay.”

The trainers made sure of his walk to the back,
And everyone applauded him.
For standing after that brutal suplex
That left him looking so grim.
When they all got to the back,
The head trainer checked him out.
He checked every facet of him,
Inside and out.

After about 30 minutes of checking,
He gave Josh some advice.

Trainer: “You’ve got quite the knot on your head.
May want to use some ice.
Have you been hit before like this?
Because I have some concerns.
Nothing that will keep you from wrestling,
And nothing terribly stern.”

Joshua: “I was in a car crash once.”

Jessica held his hand.

Doctor: “You might have a mild chronic form of TBI.
But no concussion, my man.
You are free to get on home,
If you don’t have a match.”

Jess and Josh both thanked him,
And the trainer wriggled his mustache.
He left to go on to the back,
And Supergirl looked at The Bigdog,

Joshua: “As long as I’m cleared, to wrestle,
I’m still going to go whole hog.”

Jessica: “Thank you for what you did tonight.
I will back you up.
We need to prove to those in power,
You’re a Big Dog, not a little pup!
As far as my issues are concerned,
We need to go above Will’s head.
We will not complain directly to him.
We’ll go to the board instead.”

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