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WOW22 – Will Stop At Nothing

World Of Wrestling 22
(Will Stop At Nothing)

Entering William Rothschild’s office,
Was like walking into a case-
Built for trophies and knick knacks,
That were strewn all over the place.
Often he would spend more time
Organizing his precious prizes,
Than booking matches or swinging deals,
His job was covered by fake disguises.

Jessica: “You wanted to see me, Will?
You know I just barely arrived.”

Will smiled and rocked in his chair for a moment,
Feeling very alive.
Ever since Jessica had hurt his daughter,
Who was unprepared to be in the ring,
Jessica had to put up with this,
And many other unpleasant things.

William: “Jessica, tonight you have a special opponent,
and I want you to be surprised…”


Jessica: “Seriously Will! Cut the the chase!
How else will you screw up my life!?”

William feigned confusion with a maniacal glee,
Then said:

 “Are you referring to little ol’ me?”

Will eventually went on,
And Jessica stared silently,

Will: “You will be jerking the curtain tonight.
You will be the first match on.
So go get yourself ready Supergirl!
Tonight you will be tested.
If you are truly Supergirl,
There’s no way you can be bested.”

Jessica rolled her eyes at him,
And left at almost a run.
She wanted to be geared up so she wasn’t,
Left standing at the station.

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