What are story circles?

Imagine, throughout the week, receiving Epic Poetry from me, Joshua David Ling, directly to your smartphone. You can listen to 3-5 minute snippets as they come to you, or you can save them for binging later on. You can comment and react with video! And you can be part of a growing community around our metaphorical campfire, all for FREE!

All you have to do is download the β€œMarco Polo” app for IOS and Android, and then click one or more of the links below to join a story circle!

(Alternatively, if you’d like to view them on my dropbox archive, you may click here)

Fairy & Folk Tales

Folk and Fairy stories retold by Joshua David Ling in glorious rhyme and meter.

Guardians of Atlanta

Four unique individuals with unique abilities- A weather controller, an illusionist, a knight, and a power copier unite to protect the jewel of the South, Atlanta.

Bards vs. zombies

When the Zombie Apocalypse hits, a small touring band called Meta Avenue must go 100% acoustic, and bring hope and joy in a hopeless world.

Craic in the world

An Urban American moves to Ireland and finds himself embroiled in an ancient disaster that nearly split the universe apart. He and his new friends must hold our world and theirs together until the final healing can take place.

Ghost trucker

Mike Kraft is your standard lonely trucker on the open road. But something paranormal keeps following him.

Notes of destiny

In a fantasy world where music is literally magic, a prince and a peasant girl set out on a journey to reclaim the Prince’s kingdom.


In a world where superhero activity is run by giant corporations, one man and his team of misfits seek to rise up the corporate ladder together. Expect a ridiculous superhero comedy.

The Idiot’s Guide to illegal tech repair

In a future where obsolete technology has become illegal to own or repair, groups of criminals have sought to earn plenty of illegal coin selling their services. One such crew has lots of secrets to tell.

World of Wrestling

Every season highlights a different fictional professional wrestler and their life. Written in the World of Wrestling where wrestling is real.

World Wide Warrior

He has virtually every blood heritage known to man, he’s a trained mixed martial artist and diplomat, He is the one man who is chosen to scout and remediate the direst situations all over the world. He is Braden Silversmith, the World Wide Warrior.

Story Circle group rules:

1. Groups are for the story and you. Keep videos mainly to comments about the story. You may self-promote once a week but it must be something simple and short.

2. Please be courteous to other viewers. No blasphemy, cursing, or empty debates.

3. Anyone may be kicked at any moment for conduct deemed inappropriate. If this is a paid group, I will refund you for the month in which you were kicked out.

4. No inappropriate or modest messages and polos.

5. Have fun and enjoy the tales!