Bards Vs. Zombies

When the Zombie Apocalypse hits, a small touring band called Meta Avenue must go 100% acoustic and bring hope and joy in a hopeless world.

Fairy & Folk Tales

Fairy & Folk Tales rewritten in glorious rhyme by Joshua David Ling.

Ghost Trucker

Mike Kraft is your standard lonely trucker on the open road. But something paranormal keeps following him.

Guardians Of Atlanta

Four unique individuals with unique abilities- A weather controller, an illusionist, a knight, and a power copier unite to protect the jewel of the South, Atlanta. (A part of the World of Courage)

Notes Of Destiny

In a fantasy world where music is literally magic, a prince and a peasant girl set out on a journey to reclaim the Prince’s kingdom. (A part of the World of Harmadonia)

Other Stories

Other Stories written by Joshua David Ling

Rhyme And Wrestling

Every season highlights a different fictional professional wrestler and their life. Written in the World of Wrestling where wrestling is real.


In a world where superhero activity is run by giant corporations, one man and his team of misfits seek to rise up the corporate ladder together. Expect a ridiculous superhero comedy.

The Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair

In a future where obsolete technology has become illegal to own or repair, groups of criminals have sought to earn plenty of illegal coin selling their services. One such crew has lots of secrets to tell. (A part of the World of Laktia)

World Wide Warrior

He has virtually every blood heritage known to man, he’s a trained mixed martial artist and diplomat, He is the one man who is chosen to scout and remediate the most dire situations all over the world. He is Braden Silversmith, the World Wide Warrior. (A part of the World of Courage)