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Rooftops (WWW20) – Poetry for Warriors Daily (Ep. 43)

Braden takes cover behind a door and engages in a shootout with his pursuers while Mukhtar, and two evildoers of his choice, capture the Governor. Braden communicates with his grandmother, Rayen, who is tracking Mukhtar’s movements and working on finding the password to lock down the location. Braden learns that Mukhtar is taking the Governor to the roof. Braden momentarily stops shooting to deceive his pursuers, and as they approach cautiously, he surprises them by swiftly attacking with a katana, disarming them. He then heads towards the roof while Rayen initiates the lockdown. Upon reaching the roof, Braden confronts Mukhtar, who is impressed by Braden’s resilience. They engage in a fight, during which Mukhtar releases the Governor from his control. Eventually, Mukhtar retreats into a helicopter, and Braden returns to the Governor, expressing his disapproval of the Governor’s actions. The chapter ends with Braden identifying himself as a warrior and the Governor expressing gratitude for his rescue.

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