Greetings, dear listeners, as we gather once again amidst the tumultuous echoes of war on the airwaves of โ€œPoets At War.โ€ Join hosts Joshua David Ling, Brendan Sunshine, and Alexander Robertson as they navigate the treacherous waters of artistic creation, delving into a tale of triumph and turmoil. In this episode, they shed light on the captivating character of The Princess Eilonwy, a luminary figure from the cherished Chronicles of Prydain book series, whose essence was, alas, lost in the storm surrounding the cinematic adaptation: โ€œThe Black Cauldron.โ€

Amidst the chaos and conflicts that engulfed the filmโ€™s production, our hosts courageously explore the tumultuous journey of โ€œThe Black Cauldron,โ€ seeking to glean valuable lessons as artists in our own literary war. Ling, Sunshine, and Robertson dissect the discrepancies between the written word and the silver screen, unraveling the reasons why the film failed to capture the heart and soul of the beloved books. Through this exploration, they invite us to reflect on the challenges faced during the adaptation process, urging us to learn from past missteps and forge a brighter path forward in our ongoing battle for the preservation of literatureโ€™s essence. So, dear listeners, prepare to embark on a thought-provoking odyssey, as we navigate the tempestuous seas of artistic creation and emerge with renewed vigor in our pursuit of storytelling greatness.

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