Poets At War: “Star Wars: It’s lasting cultural impact and tenuous future”

Welcome to “Poets At War,” the podcast where we explore the intersection of art, culture, and politics. In this episode, we’ll be discussing all things Star Wars with our three -hosts: Joshua David Ling, Brendan Sunshine, and Alexander Robertson.

Segment 1 will be dedicated to a question that has been on many fans’ minds: “What is the best lightsaber?” Our co-hosts will share their opinions on the iconic weapon, including their favorite designs, colors, and features.

In Segment 2, we’ll delve into the lasting cultural impact of Star Wars. From the films and TV series to the merchandise and fan culture, Star Wars has influenced generations of people around the world. Our co-hosts will discuss the ways in which the franchise has shaped popular culture and explore the themes and messages that have resonated with audiences over the years.

Finally, in Segment 3, we’ll pose a hypothetical question to our co-hosts: “If you were given the reins, what would you do with Star Wars?” Our co-hosts will offer their insights and suggestions on how they would approach the franchise, from new stories and characters to creative directions and themes.

Join us for this engaging and insightful conversation on all things Star Wars, from lightsabers to cultural impact to the future of the franchise.

Visit https://joshuadavidling.com to learn more about the hosts and their work.

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