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PAW8 – Daniel Reed & Aaron Reed

Joshua Ling 0:00
Today’s episode of poets at war is sponsored by the following. Imagine countless worlds before you fantasy and science fiction tales, heroes charging gallantly into battle heedless of win or fail upon the ancient steps of glory. A battle for time must be one. Join the characters from every realm as they seek the words. Well done. Audio adventures podcast by Joshua David Ling, full of epic poetry, sure to make your heart sing. If you like listening to rob Inglis, read the Lord of the Rings, or Andrew Peterson read his wingfeather saga. You’ll love audio adventures by Joshua David link. Visit Joshua David link comm slash audio adventures to listen today, I’ll post that wall we talked to brothers, Daniel and Aaron read about narrative play amongst homeschoolers collaboration and unifying worlds of fiction. You’re about to enter the wall zone. This

Joshua Ling 1:13
is. There they are.

Aaron Reed 1:36
Yes, by the way, I haven’t heard of your podcast at all except from him. Yeah, he hasn’t showed it to me. So I have no idea what’s going on.

Joshua Ling 1:45
That’s fine. I’ll be explaining it. I’ll tell I’ll tell you this much. It’s extremely it’s extremely casual. It might technically be starting now. I’m not even sure I figured that out and post. So it’s not like three to one go. It’s not the question answer. It’s not whatever. I think we’ve talked before on Facebook. I obviously Daniel and I have

Aaron Reed 2:10
obviously naviga I got rid of I’m Aaron Reed. I may have sorry. I got rid of my account last year. Gotcha. Gotcha. I

Joshua Ling 2:18
think I saw I met you for like a brief minute or two in the brood and then Okay, gotcha. Yeah. Well, I’m Joshua watt.

Daniel Reed 2:30
likes to point that out.

Aaron Reed 2:35
If you want to see the top of my head, you need to push it back framing but you don’t need. Yes.

Joshua Ling 2:41
And of course we got you know, the sirens going on. I don’t know if y’all can hear that or not in the background. But that’s one of the reasons I have a dynamic mic. Um, I will check on that later. Anyway. So uh, yeah, I decided to be in my backyard today. Uh, basically Aaron This is poets at war is the name of the podcast the point of the podcast is to discuss and basically your guys’s places whoever’s the guest, and then on there are some solo episodes of me but those are of no concern to you at the moment. I’m basically asking you guys what, what your what, what your place is in the war on culture, as artists, whatever it is, you do. So I talked to all different types of Christian creators

Aaron Reed 3:36
for war podcast, yes. culture war

Joshua Ling 3:39
and and just generally speaking, you know, art and theory and philosophy and you know how that all fits into worldview. So yeah. But that’s a that’s what we do here. So I guess we could just start off by introducing each other Daniel, I know you through the brood, the one to brood so why don’t you introduce yourself first, and then Aaron, you can go after that. Save the best for last right wink wink.

Daniel Reed 4:08
I am. Daniel read I, I kind of right here. And they’re kind of starting up. And yeah, I’m dealing with ADHD and whatnot. So they’re kind of in college and work, all that stuff. All that good stuff. Yeah, I met the group, the brute through Facebook group, the rule makers, and their little shout out there to check them out. Yeah, I’m just kind of here for the ride. And

Joshua Ling 4:48
you’re in a very formative time of life. Yeah, very formative time.

Daniel Reed 4:53
Very, like. Yeah, everything kind of happening right now. So this is kind of an interesting little spot. I found myself. Yeah,

Aaron Reed 5:01
I am his brother. Two years younger than

Daniel Reed 5:05
I believe. Yes.

Aaron Reed 5:08
This is Aaron. Yes, I am Erin. And I am also a writer. I, I am autistic have OCD. Like him. I’ve been raised Christian on my life.

Daniel Reed 5:21
Ended up Catholic and Protestant. Yes. Very, very stable mix there.

Aaron Reed 5:27
Um, and yeah, I’ve primarily written stories that have been in that come from other siblings older than both of us. Yeah.

Daniel Reed 5:41
That’s where the majority of our stuff comes from. It’s like our shared

Aaron Reed 5:44
Yes, yes. But some other worlds have popped up Besides, I’m and I’m also a musician. That’s another thing I do.

Joshua Ling 5:59
When I play or sing or sequence or what do you do?

Aaron Reed 6:03
I sing and play the piano.

Daniel Reed 6:06
I gotcha. Aaron and I are complete opposites in a lot of ways in other ways. Not so much. But uh I’m Protestant. He’s Catholic. He’s a musician. I’m going deaf think of that as an opposite before? Yeah. Yeah,

Aaron Reed 6:28
I think that’s enough introduction for me. Yeah.

Joshua Ling 6:31
I gotcha. What do you play? What do you sequence or saying or just all of it? What do you do?

Aaron Reed 6:36
I only know the piano and how to think gotcha um you know, I’m not a holy music.

Joshua Ling 6:46
Gotcha. Yeah.

Daniel Reed 6:49
And I like to interpret for rap songs primarily because yes, fun and fast and

Joshua Ling 6:55
one day I’m gonna get you to do magic by BTOB that one so, it rivers Cuomo from Weezer is like the hook he sings the hook on the track. User. Yeah, so he thinks the hook and it’s like, I got the magic and me. And if I sing anymore, this little copyright something I don’t know. But yeah, yo, yo, you could check it out. It’s, it’s really fast. Really good stuff. Anything by BRB. Really, I’d love to hear you do because B OB is very technically sound. You’d love to see me do it. Yes, absolutely. So did I say here?

Daniel Reed 7:42
Yeah, you did.

Joshua Ling 7:44
I am.

Joshua Ling 7:50
I am an incredibly audio centric person, but I tend to be more voice and words and poetry and that sort of thing. Even though I do music. It’s more in the vein of lyrics and poetry.

Daniel Reed 8:02

Aaron Reed 8:04
I love that. So I have musician.

Daniel Reed 8:09
Oh, that’s another thing.

Joshua Ling 8:11
Well, actually, with math, a lot of people don’t know this. But the term music getting used to refer to what we really think of as music. What it meant was essentially clockwork. You didn’t get it right. You just

Daniel Reed 8:35
said now, and then he,

Aaron Reed 8:37
yeah. Cartography, global cartography.

Aaron Reed 8:41
I also, I also like, you’ve got it. This hurt me, but you’re still actually we’re talking about what I do.

Daniel Reed 8:59
Just got a redneck Wi Fi. So it’s kind of weak.

Joshua Ling 9:03
Yeah, I was noticing that a little bit breaking up here and there. So um, we’ll just muddle through and see how it does. Um, so basically, finishing my thought, basically. It’s cool. It’s cool. Dad, two little kids. I got two little kids that go all crazy in the background. Sometimes. That’s one reason I’m outside today. So like, it’s all good about that. Family, his family that’s all part of, you know, so many people just, especially artists just want to block everything out and just focus on the art and I’m trying to embrace more and more just like, guess God’s world things are gonna happen. It’s all good. You know? That’s, that’s kind of the the approach I’m trying to take. Yeah, most of us there’s there’s too much to worry about to be worrying about someone you love. bothering you while you’re trying to focus on something way less than right? You know? So, uh, yeah, so dang Oh, you’re trying to do the whole work life balance craziness right now with work and college and all kinds of other things. And one of your big passions lately has been doing tiktoks and various things with your ASL some pretty cool stuff like that what what really got you into that? I mean, obviously, your your deafness but like what is interesting to us specifically in regard to how how it actually, uh, what got you interested in it? Basically, you know?

Daniel Reed 10:49
Yeah. Um, so my sister are one of our older sisters, we have a big homeschool family, there’s six of us. My youngest one of my oldest sisters, she got we got into it just kind of on a whim as as homeschoolers like to do absorb knowledge and whatnot. We just started learning together online, using YouTube and whatnot. And well, she eventually kind of trailed off and I just kept going. I was learning different songs and really started going it. A few weeks later, she tried teaching us to sing a song. And then she realised I could not carry a tune at all. And she was like, Are you going deaf? Like, what’s going on? Let’s get that checked out. Courage, my mom, we. And it actually, I figured out I was going deaf after I started learning sign language. Oh, my God knew what I was gonna need. It was pretty neat. Yeah. And then right around the same time I had found I gotten saved and gotten that relationship with Jesus and all that crazy stuff as no going on. And that time, and right around that same time, I realised there wasn’t like, any access to the gospel in the deaf community, like the deaf community, they just don’t really have it. It’s like 98%, unreached. And that just like, oh, no, I got to, like, you guys got to come with me, like, no, come on. So that’s kind of where I’m at right now. I’m learning as much as I can. And hopefully one of these days all establish a good outreach to the deaf community, and kind of work them in to the all these circles that they’re not really able to access right now, like literature and math, science, religion, there’s really just not anything there. I’ll try and look up signs for different, like, scientific concepts, and they’re just not there. Or religious concepts. It’s not there. So that’s where I’m at right now. I’m just learning and I want to, you know, help those people out as much as I can, but kind of in a weird spot to do that right now.

Joshua Ling 13:12
Here. Well, I know both of y’all are very much into storytelling and structure and that sort of thing, which is my wheelhouse as well. What kind of got you guys ended that I know homeschool family? Yeah, end up pretending together coming up with stories coming up with things in the backyard. And even maybe if you’re sharing a room in bed, just verbally role playing at night, all that kind of stuff. I’ve been there done that. So like, is that literally all there is to it? Or like how did yours specifically blossom?

Daniel Reed 13:44
Well, a lot of what you said, but a lot of what you

Aaron Reed 13:47
said, I think it would be different for both of us on the specific so. So, for me, I think it was that this is Aaron talking. Obviously. We don’t have a name. Well, yeah,

Joshua Ling 14:04
but we introduced ourselves and there will be a video version for anyone who’s watching and your voices are different enough. I think that people can tell. So we’re good.

Daniel Reed 14:14
I’m deaf. So

Joshua Ling 14:17
I’m gonna get your transcriptions, don’t

Aaron Reed 14:18
worry. Sounds good. I started being interested in cartography at a really young age. I do not know why I have no clue. But I do know that the first map I made of our fan families fantasy world was basically rip off of North America. I remember that very clearly, though.

Daniel Reed 14:42
I do not have a single copy. I don’t remember that.

Aaron Reed 14:46
And basically, as I revised the map for the world, I ended up being the only one in our family that was really interested in it. So then I basically got into writing reading it, because I was the only one interested. And then Dan got more interested later after he was writing more. But that’s what kind of started me out, as well as the fact that I probably could read at a young age. But that’s all and for him now. Oh, no, he has something he has to do. So I have to keep talking. But go ahead. Okay. Um, and so I guess. I mean, I, I don’t really know how to continue it. Because I did say all I needed to say, for that part, what got me into writing.

Daniel Reed 15:42
You’re good. I just had a candy in my mouth. And it was just like,

Joshua Ling 15:46
You’re so good. We’re good.

Daniel Reed 15:51
Yeah, Aaron got started. Kind of more into the world building. Because he’s always been more of like, logically minded Mac. We hadn’t started playing. Growing up, we were coming up with ideas for

Aaron Reed 16:10
I remember your original comment,

Daniel Reed 16:11
can you restate your question? And I’m losing my train of thought. And

Joshua Ling 16:14
basically, I’m just trying to understand how, how these how this family world in particular, but also just the you’re always interested in stories kind of started and blossomed, he expected from maps. So I think we pretty much got that. Get your end of things. And then how did the family world come about is the thing after you first and then the family world?

Daniel Reed 16:36
Yeah. So I got into it. Really? Just kind of, I’ve always been fond of just asking speculative questions and getting in the minds of characters and that sort of thing. Excuse me. Sorry, I ate a Karma one. It’s just messing me up.

Joshua Ling 16:56
Carmel. And podcasts. They do not mix.

Daniel Reed 17:00
No, no, I’ll keep that in mind. But I got into by asking, just, I would ask, What if all the time growing up? What this? What if that just kept going and going and going and eventually expanded. And like, I was always a huge movie buff. And I eventually just asked the question, what if I was making movies? And then it’s like, oh, and so I just started making those movies in my head and I wanted to share them with people. And that’s kind of where I got started. And then the story world that kind of came in my oldest sister

Aaron Reed 17:37
went back because I really know this.

Daniel Reed 17:39
Yeah, but I mean, I can show where my Oh, yeah, where it comes. Sorry. I’ll yeah, again. Sorry, I we started playing it just as like a little game, we would go to the park and it was in the same vein as like Bridge to Terabithia. Lord of the Rings, Narnia, especially. We would Dawn these personas, the different characters that we make up as this little Hobgoblin, I would dance around with a crossbow shooting the goblins or whatever. Um, and well, the world is called care to. And this is actually the first time we were telling actual people about it. It’s cool. It’s called carrot Shula. And essentially, we just had like this odyssey around this park. It was like a path around the lake. And we like that’s kind of the core of it is the path. You kind of go on the path on your mission, and you’re doing all these things and things are trying to learn you off the path. And he was too little time to play it because it was creepy, sometimes. But once he got old enough, we’d all kind of move on. But he had taken up the mantle of like, Oh, I like these ideas, but I’m gonna make him complex stuff

Joshua Ling 19:10
Yeah, there you go. A little bit of the glare. But yeah, yeah, it looks good.

Daniel Reed 19:15
Yeah, he’s big into world building maps. Yeah. And so once he got into it, it really took off and the rest of us can’t really keep up anymore. Because it started as just sort of, uh oh, we’re gonna go fight dragon. Let’s go punch the witch in the face. That sort of silly each childish play.

Aaron Reed 19:34
Yeah, but the Witcher is divided into three different characters over time. Yeah.

Daniel Reed 19:38
Yeah. Yes. And now he can kind of mention a talk about the story that he’s kind of creating.

Aaron Reed 19:45
Yeah, so how this family story world originated. I believe the first we first time this story came into being was whenever my oldest sister was with her fiance or boyfriend time but now husband at the park and she decided to tell him this story about two elves. One a king and the other the peasant going on a path to save the peasants uncle and healing him of a disease. And from there, she decided that this is going to be something that she’s going to play with her siblings, her younger siblings. And so she brought her siblings on this journey and made new journeys with them. Until she got a bit to do it. However, our youngest sister was able to do a second round of adventures with her cousins. And so they played these adventures called the voyages where they were in this goblin land and also a place called apricot Island. A whole mythology. Yes, no, it’s like it keeps going. And whenever she did those adventures with her cousins, she actually made the name Cara to where the world Oh, yeah, that’s right. Yes, because it was she was meeting an imaginary giant. I don’t understand this connection. But she that an imaginary giants. She had a carrot in her hands. Then she looked at the Giants looked at the carrot. Looked at the Giants. It said Oh, Cara Tula? I don’t get it. Yes, a carrot. But there’s no character

Daniel Reed 21:36
had something to do with like,

Aaron Reed 21:37
maybe we need to put carrots in. No. Okay. Um, yeah, that was yummy. And after that, those stories ended. But finally, our youngest sister with me, Dan and two friends. We played in the woods in our backyard, and did a final set of adventures, which I eventually named under Eden, which Eden’s a major villain, so it’s like, kind of. Yeah, but heroes kind of lost before the adventure started. So yeah, I have fond memories. So that’s how it came about. And then yeah, yeah. Was

Daniel Reed 22:21
this elven friends. Last?

Aaron Reed 22:23
I don’t think he was an elven Prince whenever we were actually doing a story, but my mental. Yeah. And then after we got finished with that, because I was the only person that wanted to play my character killed the main villain to finish off the story. And I’m in there narratively. Yeah. The characters. Yeah. Well, we it took a while to figure out what they were

Daniel Reed 22:55
doing there. Yeah. Like,

Aaron Reed 22:57
I remember a lot about how the story has developed, I could talk a lot about it. But once we get to the point where I take it up, I can say I took it up, developed it to where it is now. And it’s a lot bigger. And, and then I yeah, that’s where it is. That’s how the story came about. Yeah. And then I started writing off to the side doing my own thing, every now and then we unify the stories

Daniel Reed 23:19
as I was going on, and it’s like, a part of the same realm. And so now we’re writing.

Aaron Reed 23:29
We’re both having the same ideas. Yeah. And a lot. And so

Daniel Reed 23:33
that’s where we’re at right now.

Joshua Ling 23:34
That sounds super fun. And that’s something that a lot of people who end up more solitary See, I grew up with that I grew up with Navy, not specific worlds, we were a little bit more jumping, jumping around, in a lot of ways. And I tended to be the one with the bigger imagination than most of my sibling. Not all the time but but but a good chunk. And I feel like my trying to get everyone together kind of push them away, in some ways at certain times. And so I kind of ended up on my path and they ended up on theirs, and I’m more proud of them than I could ever be. They’ve done absolutely amazing and all that they do. Do we need to pause?

Daniel Reed 24:14
Oh, she can handle that’s okay. Yeah,

Joshua Ling 24:17
tag team, and I like it. Anyway. So, point being that with all of those things happening, you know, I kind of got into where I was set to craft my worlds alone. And when I got married, I tried to, you know, include my wife in a lot of that stuff. But she loved my stories so much. She didn’t want to have any influence over them. She didn’t want to get

Daniel Reed 24:45
the exact kinds of problems. establishing relationships, people I’m all I’m geared towards cooperation and working in a team with people just bouncing off ideas. I love it. I Try getting that with the story I’m writing are trying to write, called the immortal saga. It’s plural possessive. And I was talking with a childhood friend for a long time. And we were kind of working together, but eventually ended up kind of on my lap. And I was just my thing. So I understand where you’re at completely in that regard. Like, it’s just, you can’t get on the same frequency with everyone.

Joshua Ling 25:30
Right? And it’s not necessarily that, you know, a lot of people kind of have this view of, you know, artists want to be on their own, they want to be in their own place, whatever. I think that’s absolutely. I think 90% of the time, that’s false. I think artists need other people. And they either know it from the beginning and then lose it. And as as a rite of passage, they end up having to take up the torch themselves, and figure it out on their own. And that’s when they become a real artist, a real author, you know, that sort of thing. Or it’s a case where they have had to make it up as they go from the beginning, and they don’t know that they need people around them. I think that’s actually the more the more dangerous one in many cases, you know, at least I at least, you and I and Aaron, we were raised with sword brothers around us, you know, people who would help us carry the weight of creating all this stuff. But right, and not only that, but it becomes play so much quicker when there are more people. Um, I had a I had a friend.

Daniel Reed 26:42
Go ahead, and sorry, no, you go ahead. Oh, yeah, I was just gonna say, Yeah, because it once you’re able to sort of bounce off of each other, when you start losing your train of thought or inspiration. Someone else will just pick up and we’ll just, you know, just dance, cross the ideas dance across the room so fluidly, and take a lot of burden off of you to just kind of, hey, what do you want to do with that? Oh, no. And you just kind of go back and forth like that. That’s great.

Joshua Ling 27:15
I had a friend named Chris that I met over the internet. He has he’s still my friend. He. We don’t talk as much but he and I were fans of wrestling. I’m going to do a solo episode on wrestling at some point pro wrestling. I’m not as into it as it used to be. That tends to happen I find but the I love the form. I love the format of pro wrestling actually trained in pro wrestling for a little while. It’s a fun, weird narrative world that a lot of people don’t think about or tap to me it’s a perpetual world of Rocky. Any which way? My friend and I. Yeah, go ahead.

Daniel Reed 27:56
My our five year old niece loves wrestling. It’s her like, biggest thing.

Joshua Ling 28:02
Yep. The My friend and I we met on a on a site that had a role playing game. They’re called effed for pro wrestling. It’s sort of a a narrative writing role playing form. That’s pretty interesting. I’ll probably do a whole episode on that too, at some point, but basically, what the Well, it’s, it’s a form of game called effecting or effed, like electronic Federation. So yeah, you can look it up, you’ll find out there’s there’s various spin offs of that too. But, you know, it’s basically you, you have a matchup for that week or that month for the next show, whatever it is, and you write your roleplay for the, for the match, basically, as a promo for your character. And then it’s going on, and then

Aaron Reed 29:01
he’s here to see me.

Daniel Reed 29:06
Oh, you’re good. I’m still listening. He’s just messing with stuff. And like, Ah, ha,

Joshua Ling 29:10
ha. Anyway, guys. So basically, with all that, with all that we got, we got tired of waiting for our match to come up, essentially, which is the next part of the game. And we just started chatting back and forth doing narrative roleplay back and forth in the shout box, the chat box at the bottom of the site. And we created whole ridiculous worlds over the course of like, several years, I helped lead him to Christ. And, yeah, we just grew up and moved on from there. We still occasionally will even pick him up. He’s probably about eight or nine years older than me. But we’re still really good buddies. Any which way. point being that with that I learned what you’re talking about. It’s not just the play, but it actually makes things easier, the play actually makes things easier. And and that actually led me in my dyslexic brain to poetry. Poetry became a puzzle game. You figure out the next rhyme you figure out the next time you figure out the next rhyme, I can create a general overview and like, very few sentences, and you have this, this this plain skeleton story, and then I can just does at the end, just go down the list. And because I’m so audio minded, I’ve got already have even though I use rhyming dictionary, like any good poet should, it’s, I use it probably half as much as like a normal person. Just because I’ve got it, I’ve got so many just sounds and references up in here. So that that turned into something special too. And I think that’s kind of the point of what we’re all getting at here. It’s kind of cool. You know, I always look for themes in the podcast to kind of give a preview of for posting it and everything. And it definitely seems like, yeah, it definitely seems like a narrative play is kind of a major theme here. And what I’m seeing yalls relationship and homeschoolers, and I think that’s something that’s a whole world in and of itself, the narrative replay world of homeschoolers, that just like, where do they get their social activity? Well, quite frankly, they’ve been 1000 year old witch and in the woods before, you know what I’m saying? Like,

Daniel Reed 31:51
they, actually, yeah,

Joshua Ling 31:54
they’ve been all these different things. And there’s different characters, and it’s, it’s completely trained them emotionally on how to deal with things.

Daniel Reed 32:03
Right? Yeah. Yeah. I definitely 1000 year which thing I just, as soon as you said, it’s like, we know, you know, yeah,

Aaron Reed 32:17
I could talk. There’s, I could talk about all the different aspects of that. But, um, let’s see.

Daniel Reed 32:25
Narrative play. Yeah, that’s a big aspect. are really, because all send an idea and he won’t, you know, respond to it for a week or two, and then all sudden, it’s like, you remember that thing? What? It has implications over here that we need to and then our brains just explode. Like we just open the Holy Grail?

Aaron Reed 32:50
I don’t exactly. I, of course, I don’t remember every detail. I just like why why do you expect to be able to do that? Okay. Um, man. I, I need to get my own mind on track. Okay. Yes, that’s what I’m expecting. Right. Now. Your question I’m having right now thinking of how to bake what up? And I could answer,

Joshua Ling 33:24
I guess, I guess the big thing would be, you know, we kind of grew up based on what I think yells ages, you might have been slightly after this. But in the, you know, when I grew up, there was the PageMaster, there was a Reading Rainbow. There was a bunch of these shows that had a heavy, heavy emphasis on imagination. You know, Adventures In Odyssey with the Imagination Station, you know, there’s all these other sorts of things where there was this huge, huge emphasis on imagination. And I think, obviously, you know, in our world right now, we’re kind of losing that I think the public square is pushing that less and less, because they’re, quite frankly, working more toward worker drones. And that’s a whole other topic that we can get into another time. But my point is, like, how, as a question, how would you guys go about? I guess, not just raising kids, but watching kids. I know, Daniel, you’re doing a few things on a on a bus these days. Oh, yeah. But But what are some of the things that you can do to help foster that imagination and that that creative spirit that we grew up with? in children and in and just younger kids and younger adults even I mean, right, what are some of the things you guys can do?

Daniel Reed 34:53
On Yeah, so like, on the one hand, I do want to foster that those same sorts of imaginations that You know, spurred us on made really formative to us. But I also want to others so many of my generation that lost the they went off the path like we were talking about, they just went off the path. There are. So many kids right now are wrestling with these ideas of objective truth, and they don’t really sit well with just being told this is good. Because the Bible says so or because you need to do it. So I’m going to encourage them, there’s, like actual reasons why we do certain things, and we don’t do certain things. And, um, you kind of, kind of get what I’m getting at. Yeah, I feel like I’m running out of words. No, no. concept. It’s like,

Joshua Ling 35:53
we’ve talked about this before. And I think that the the big thing is, there is a transcendent truth, there’s not so much just objective, it’s transcendent. There is there is something beyond ourselves, that is constant and unchangeable. We see all this change, and they want to say that everything changes, nothing matters, they want to go straight to Bohemian Rhapsody, right? You know what I’m saying? So like, yeah, the point that you’re trying to make, from what I can tell, and from what we’ve talked about before, is, if you have a transcendent truth, you know, what comes next in the story both for you, and for all your imaginary worlds. And you may not know exactly what it is, but you know, the pattern, you know, the creator, you know, what you how the Creator loves what he created, because you have something that you love that you created, is that about what you’re getting?

Daniel Reed 36:48
Yeah, I’m pretty much just like, these things have a meaning there is something behind it, there’s something to it, because a lot of times, like they just kind of once they start growing up in the world, they don’t have a basis for the things that they’re imagining they don’t have the thing that’s inspiring them really are just sort of pulling things out of the ether. And I want to actually say like, no, your imaginations can actually be directed and focused to the worship to of our Creator. Because we have the ability to create things. And that mirrors the person who created us that there’s so much vibrance and beauty, just to so that I run out of words, and I feel like I think 10 times faster than I can talk a lot of times, but if I write stuff down, it’s really good. It continues to be really good.

Aaron Reed 37:48
So whenever it comes to, I have thought a lot about questions of freedom, purpose. Basically, a lot of really philosophical questions. And I would like for a lot of my stories, of course, to be, you know, have a be accessible to children. I just don’t know exactly how good I’ll be at that. But whenever it comes to the narrative message, I think I’m trying to convey what I want to show is that this there is no story we write that is truly on its own. And our story, and everything we do is part of a larger story that really matters. And so, we have these ideas and desires to have a complete life. But the thing is, if you think about the most interesting stories, the most interesting characters, what is something that distinguishes Legolas? From Aragorn, for example, what can legless do, he can shoot arrows, he can do a bunch of those kinds of things. But Aragorn has a different set of skills. Frodo is the ring bearer, Sam carries him. What makes these characters interesting is the fact that they’re different. And none of these characters make the complete story. That’s right. And so what I want to show is that we cannot chase this desire to be, you know, everything in a sense, we can’t just seek to be completed. We need to realise that while we live here, we will be incomplete. But that’s okay. Right. We’re busy being brought into a story that is complete. And when we see it on the other side, that is what will fulfil us

Joshua Ling 40:07
as the body of Christ. That’s the body of Christ analogy, you know?

Aaron Reed 40:12
Yeah, yes. And that’s kind of what I want to show with my own stories both and how I write them. So on a meta level and inside the stories themselves, is that the people that I am not complete, I can’t make a complete work. I none of these characters can be complete. None of this can be complete, but it’s still part of something else. That is right. Nothing is finished here. It is part of something that is

Daniel Reed 40:43
finished. Yeah,

Joshua Ling 40:44
yes, absolutely. That’s something that Tolkien gets into and Leaf by Niggle. If you guys haven’t read that, you should definitely give it a read. Fantastic. Read it. Definitely no of it. Yeah. I brought up the page master. This was 1994 movie, I believe. Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone fame. And it also had Christopher Lloyd Doc Brown himself in it. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth seeing. It’s a fun little mostly animated kids film. But there’s one particularly great part, this boy a bit, give you a little bit of context, this boy gets lost in a library, he falls, he passes out and ends up in a world of, you know, for lack of a better term Willy Wonka style, pure imagination. What it is, is it’s all the different like books and things. He goes through, you know, a horror section of the library with, you know, the hounds of Baskerville and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He goes through a fantasy land and then he goes through a Adventure Land and sees pirates and Long John Silver and all that other kind of stuff. Anyway, at the end, he fights a dragon and finally gets to the end. He sees the page master himself who is this keeper of the books and guardian of the written word, as he says, you know, and so he’s kind of this Book Wizard. And he says, I he comes in, he says, Hey, how’d you get here? He’s Macaulay Culkin Yellin at the page mass. Hey, how’d you get here? his buddies who, sidekicks who followed along to quit, we’re in the presence of the page master. He says, I know who he is. He’s the guy who did all this to me. Do you have any idea what I’ve been through? Page Master says Tell me. He says, I was nearly torn apart by a crazy doctor. I was made a slave by a bunch of mangy pirates and eaten got that eaten by a fire breathing dragon. And then his his sidekicks like apologise for him and all this other kind of stuff. And he says, not to mention being tossed, squashed and scared practically to death. And the page Master says, you stand before me. He says, Well, yeah, think boy, what kind of an adventure would you have had if I brought you here with the turn of a page? You prevailed over evil. Oh, you look Moby Dick in the eye boy, you had pirates tough me, lad. But any changes voices to the other characters who we met. And don’t no one speak any different. If it had been it, if I had brought you here from the start, you never would have found the courage to face your own fears. And in doing so you try them here and always. And so the the rest is about him coming out of his dream and going home, but that’s exactly what you’re talking about. I don’t make a page or master reference very often. And so because I did in this podcast, I wanted to read y’all that section. It has a great ending. It’s it’s a wonderful, you know, beginning and ending. The middle is a little bit weird in 90s, animated goofiness, whatever, but like, it’s it’s worth at least one watch. I’d say so.

Daniel Reed 44:04
Yeah. Oh, yeah, definitely. Check that out.

Joshua Ling 44:08
Yeah, definitely. Definitely. So where can people find you guys on these wide internet’s these days?

Aaron Reed 44:17
Well, we haven’t published a lot of our work, but I have released some of my own music. I have a channel named Romulus. Okay, have made tunes for the songs as well as an album of original music called the beginning of charity. Is that on YouTube? Yes, it’s on YouTube. Yep. Okay, it’s not on any other platform. Sadly, um, I have a bunch of old material on different channels related to maps. But what I’m looking forward to do soon, probably also on YouTube, is release the for one of our stories in a serialised that are not going to pull the full detail in serialised manner over the internet. And I’m going to see how specifically to do that. Basically, it’s essentially a character I created with the character I created. And there’s how the story is crossed. Yeah. It’s the Sci Fi. Yeah. Yeah, that’s good. More like

Daniel Reed 45:30
contemplate assignment. Yeah. And you can find Yeah, I mean, I don’t have a whole lot of traction right now. But that’s fine. I’m on YouTube is just Daniel read. It’s a little pictures a little kid with a Darth Vader mask. And then like a little my, I was like a five year old at the time and it was in my Sunday, and my Sunday best and after church who served plan I had a kind of a cockeyed Vader mask on just sort of and you can find me on Tik Tok. I got to pull on my pro.

Joshua Ling 46:10
I’m actually I’ll pull it up for you.

Daniel Reed 46:14
Go ahead. Yeah, it’s a genuine read 44 Dang, or I’m just posting yet. Right now. I’m just posting videos immediate and sign language mostly. I’ve hoped to branch out and do more stories and that sort of thing. But again, I like to collaborate with people. So we’ll see where that leads.

Aaron Reed 46:39
Alright, yeah,

Daniel Reed 46:39
that’s where I’m at.

Joshua Ling 46:41
That is awesome. Uh, stay on for just a second guys. I’m just gonna do a quick send off. Um, you are in this war, whether you like it or not, whether you’re an artist or not, but especially if you’re artists, be your families barred. Press forward for the grace, the glory and the honour of Your Saviour Jesus Christ. This war isn’t over. And no matter what Christ has already won. He praise him for that. And we’ll see y’all next time on poets at war. God Ciao ciao.