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PAW7 General’s Report: Names

This is another general report. And here’s your general Joshua David Ling.

What’s up everybody? It’s time for another general’s report, or general report, whatever it is.

Joshua, David Lang coming at you again from my porch. I had an interview this past week that I was going to have but ended up running into like most freelancers, too little time, I was going to be Chad Lewis, we’re going to get him on later. He’s actually working on an awesome animated film that he’s going to be crowdfunding here real soon. And we’re to talk to him about that, once I get it rescheduled. And go from there. Also have an interview coming up tomorrow, as in I’m in doing the interview tomorrow. Not it’s not coming out tomorrow, necessarily, although it might, who knows, with Daniel read of the Wonder brood, and his brother. So they are interesting individuals, and they’ll be talking to us about lots of things. I know one thing dangle on Daniels heart is he has

partial deafness. And he does some really interesting things with sign language, and storytelling and like, so we’ll be talking to them.

Today, I wanted to talk to you about names. Names are something that are very close to my heart, my children have a bajillion of them, a lot of people think it’s a little bit weird. But I’m going to go into why they have so many names. Now.

They don’t

the fantasy names, which are their real names, but they are not their legal names. Those are come after the middle name before the last name.

They are not legal, they are family names. Only. They they have a normal first, middle last. I think that’s very important for children to be able to fit into the society where they need to fit in and stand out where they need to stand out.

And in this case, they stand out in the family with strange names.

I don’t mind giving them out because you know, some people worry about that. But I’m not going to go into them immediately. Let me just go into this.

christening is a mediaeval terminology that has been used by the church and the Roman Catholic Church still uses it to this day. To my knowledge, I’m not sure if every little sect within the church.

The Roman Catholic Church that is still takes the mediaeval meaning

I could be wrong. Sarah could correct me on this. But christening generally meant that you are being given

a name by your parents, but also by the authority of Christ and the church. They are they are being stamped with an identity. They are being stamped with a destiny in some sense, and they are being given.

And this is connected to the covenant of baptism,

which in Presbyterian and Catholic circles and other circles of that nature that do baptise infants, this is the name is in fact somewhat of a duty that the child has to grow up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

This might be a little bit strange and or mystical to some my Baptist listeners, just go with me on this and take a listen.

In a very real and practical sense. I want my children to always have stamped on their very identity, a reminder of Christ.

And each of my two children have that.


now that’s that’s a very practical sense. Let me go back to the mystic sense for just a second. A lot of people

say there is or there isn’t magic in words.

Now, of course, there’s obviously evil black word magic and stuff like that. And that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about this world, was created by word by word of an almighty God, His Word has the power to actually create extra Halo.

Our word can create out of concepts of this world we can use the relative definition or the object of definition to create a various words to create relative and fictional worlds. Now, those don’t have official

existence that we know of. But they are

other than the words on the page, you know, or in your Word document.

So my point is this, if someone names you, Sam,

and someone in a room who doesn’t even know you, says, Sam,

do you turn your head

that is a power that your name has over you. Now you’re sure you could not turn. But your name compels you. Your name compels you to respond.

And so that’s just a really simple practical way to bind. The practical side and the magical side of names. And when I say magical, I mean supernatural, I mean, the way the Bible and nature connect these two things. So

now let’s get on to my children’s names. Now, when Casey and I started to name our children. This came a little bit after we named Hazel, our firstborn. But we did retro actively add some names to her name for the family. And we purposefully did the the same with Peter when he came around.

And we have also given each other a fantasy names there are four fantasy series that mean a lot to our family, we constantly do them as read alouds. In addition, of course, to Scripture, I’m not during scripture, these are separate times. These are separate entertainment times.

The first of which is the Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis. Second is the Legendarium, mainly the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, from JRR Tolkien.

Following that is the song of Albion trilogy by Steven Lawhead. And fourth is the wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson. These four stories have meant a lot to me and guided me and showing me ways in which the world that I live is very deeply connected to

the Scripture, so deeply connected, the two cannot be separated entirely.

There are evil people in the world who seek the separation, but it cannot ever be fully accomplished. And the world is being reclaimed by Christ throughout history. So with that being said, let’s go into their names a little bit, and I’ll explain the reasons why I actually take their names and use them as many sermons that I preach to them when they are tired, or you know, going to sleep or just need comfort. Hazel is her first name, that’s my firstborn. Hazel is the name of my great grandmother, her great great grandmother,

my, my father’s father’s mother.

And she was an amazing woman who helped to raise my father. And we wanted to get on our my father who was dealing with cancer.

Around the time that she was born, we wanted to honour him with her name. So that’s why we decided to name her Hazel and we just like the name. And so what I tell Hazel is we named you Hazel.

Because you are to be a mother of our people.

her middle name is Anne. Now I could go into a whole podcast on an alone there are so many connections with the name and and I

I’ll tell you what I tell her about and in just a moment that kind of sums it up. But let me just say that my whole life there has been a it almost like the hidden Mickeys at Disney World. There’s always an n here or an n there when I know that that that really is a sign that that’s the direction I’m supposed to go. I know that sounds crazy, but it really has been providential. One of the family history things is Queen Anne sent a ship called an to take my people from cotton Dorf, Germany back in the 1700s to the United States. And those were my first German ancestors, the Ling’s that came here.

So with that being said,

I tell Hazel, we named you and because God has led us along mysterious ways through that name.

Her first

fantasy name is

From Narnia, we always start with Narnia. My father, read the Chronicles of Narnia to me as a child and I have very fond memories of that.

Her Narnia name is Elvis.

being the eldest and being that most of the eldest, including myself and my family are very headstrong. I wanted to give some names that would demonstrate to her that

there are times when women are called to head strongness. And then there are times where they are not.

Men are called to head strongness in the right direction constantly, always. And women are generally called to submit to a headstrong husband, not who’s headstrong against her, but has strong for the truth. And she has to follow and not necessarily Blaze her path all the time. This is something that we see in Scripture, there are times to blaze paths as a woman, especially when you are in right position to your federal head. That is a concept in Scripture, we’ll get into another time probably.

I chose arrows because Airservices story is one of rebellion, right rebellion against her father, who was trying to marry her off. And she did some very bad things in the process, including getting one of her slave girls wept.

And she received lashes from Aslin that were equal to those lashings. But she was right to leave and she was right to go. And so what I tell her about Aerobus the name Aramis, I named you Aerobus. Because you are rebellious son, or assuming a rebellious daughter of the king,

who got

basically you will be a rebellious daughter of the king.

And then the next name is Aylwin. from Lord of the Rings, much the same story. I tell I say it to her again in a slightly different way. If you don’t know about a 103, the Lord of the Rings,

but I tell her that

I named you a win.


you will face great darkness, and you will rebel against that darkness. But it’s love that will save you

and that her next name is one from the song of Albion and it is skata scatto was a woman who was a mother to warriors. She taught them warfare. She was actually part of her own small sect on the Isle of Skye. And she did not have allegiance to any king, but all the kings had allegiance to her. And she was the one who trained the Warriors they were sent off to her school.

So that is skaffa. And I tell Hazel, I named you skaffa because I want you to be a mother of warriors.

And then lastly, her. Her wingfeather name is Nia.

Nia is the mother character in

the wingfeather saga who takes care of the three children who are our main protagonists in the story. And she has lost her kingdom and her king, and she is still fighting and still moving forward. And so I tell her tell Hazel that I named her Nia so that she would be a mother of kings.


all of those things lead to our last name. Our last name comes from lunk which is LNG Ke and the German

it has changed some since Luthers, Germany, that’s the farthest back I can trace it. From what I can tell it’s an Ashkenazi Jewish name. The name means long chain, it’s a combination of the of the both German and English words long and link. So like a link in a chain and long like well long and so la NGK e lunk

and what it means is long chain now, they use it to describe a slave.

I use it to describe covenant faithfulness.

And I tell Hazel, god named you Ling

because you are to be one link and a long chain of

Believers, and I tell that to all my children into our family.

I’ll go through Peters really quickly Peter is of course, the High King and Narnia, which is his Narnia name and his first name. His first name also is, of course, the apostle Peter. I mean, come on now. And just generally I’ve always held it in connection with kings, and people who are sperm, rock, rock solid people, obviously Peter meaning rock,

or stone.

And so, I tell him, I named you Peter, so that you will be a rock solid High King.

His middle name is Caedmon

Caedmon course being the

Middle Ages, lay person who became an elder in the church, who was inspired by a dream, and given the ability to sing and speak the gospel that he always so dearly wanted.

And so

I tell Peter, I named you Caedmon, so that you would be an inspired Bard.

So a rock solid High King and an inspired Bard.

So skipping over Narnia, since he already has one we have Lord of the Rings. His Lord of the Rings name is undoer real.

The name of Aragorn sword meaning flame of the West, and I simply tell Peter, I named you on Durrell so that you would be a flame of the West.

Then moving on to his Albion name is Albion name is clue that’s ll e w

connecting to the Celtic God tuck Celtic deity.

Clue who was God of light.

And but also in the story is our main protagonist. He is a person from our world who goes into the other world and becomes high king over the course of many crazy and ridiculous events.

And what I tell Peter is I named you clue so that you would be a High King of light.

And lastly, his wingfeather name is our millon, Armenians a small part in the wing for the saga. He’s toward the beginning of the first book and he’s a good chunk at the end.

He is based on rich Mullins, hence our Molen arm our Mulan

he is a barefoot bard who goes around and tell stories and tells people, fangs are ugly.

But those of you who know the story, you’ll know what that means. I won’t go into an explanation.

So I tell Peter I named you are Mulan. So that you would be a barefoot Bard that would travel and tell of your joys.

So all of those together, you know, we have Peter cavemen on Dodo, flew our Mulan Ling. And I tell him the same thing about Ling that I tell Hazel.

I won’t go into explanations between me and Casey but ours are Joshua, David Reepicheep, Bilbo TechID. Our thumb Ling

and hers are Casey, Angelica,

Lucy gold bury, go in Sara Ling.

And if you know the stories, you can probably guesstimate what those mean to us.

But the point that I’m getting at with all of these names

is that they will remember these names as they grow.

And they will learn more and more and more and remember and identify with what God speaks to them in Scripture by their name. This happened to me growing up just with Joshua David.

My mom mother always told me that she named me Joshua so that I would be a warrior for Christ. And David, so that I would be a king. And, and, and, and a man after God’s own heart.

And, you know, we grew up in a very musical family and all that followed as well with the Psalms.

And so these are signposts that point us back to the gospel, and when you name someone when they are branded with that name. They can’t forget it.

And so in a very real sense, I am branding my children with the gospel.

And I think that we should be doing this with our fiction characters. We should be doing this with anyone that we have authority over. We should even be doing this with the things that we name

We actually name our vehicles. Funny Little tradition we have, we alternate between male and female. We’re currently on Casper, our van is called Casper, it’s a big white van. And you know Casper the Friendly Ghost, it was just a fun little thing you know. But even something as simple as that. It denotes character.

Adam named the animals, he named Eve woman.

His naming was an exercising of his rightful authority from God.

And when he names the thing, when man names that thing, when Christ names us, with the new name, written on the white stone, as it talks about in Revelation, He is exercising his authority over us. Our names in a very real sense, should be and mostly are the bread crumbs that drive us back to Christ that point and hint, the way back to the Scripture. So if my children were ever taken from me separated from me, somehow we passed away whatever the case was, the fact is, their names, their very names are sermons to them.

They are telling them who they are. Andrew Peterson has a song called Dancing in the minefields. It’s very famous old Christian song, a lot of people have used it as their first dance at their weddings. There’s this one part in it that says, so when I lose my way, find me. And when I loose, loves chains, bind me, at the end of all my faith, to the end of all my days, when I forget my name, remind me.

And that’s a picture of what a husband and wife are to do to each other. They are to remind each other who they are in Christ.

And that’s why we Christen our children. We are reminding them who they are in Christ.

And so we need to take names very seriously.

But not in some silly, solemn kind of way. We need to be thinking about names, in terms of what is this thing? And what is it for?

What did God create it for?

What does God buy? You want to speak to this person? Creature? thing?

That’s basically my Generals report.

This has been Joshua David Lang. You can check out more at Joshua David lang.com. I look forward to hearing from you. Drop me a line Joshua David lang@gmail.com. Or you can just call or text me 770-814-1849. That’s right. That’s my real personal number. I look forward to hearing from you. And I’m excited to go forth. take dominion, and name things.

Talk to y’all soon.