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PAW5 – TK Wilson

Joshua Ling 0:00
Hey, it’s your general Joshua David Lang. Just letting you know before this podcast begins that TK and I were working on Discord and for whatever reason it was extremely laggy compared to some of the other podcasts I’ve done, but we worked through it and I was able to edit it down to where a lot of the awkward pauses are taken out. As a result, it might sound a little disjointed at times, but just go with it because I think there’s a lot of really good value in this episode. Also, if you’d like to sponsor poets at war in exchange for an audio advertisement, you can get in contact with me at Joshua David lang.com. Today’s episode is sponsored by the following. Imagine countless worlds before you fantasy and science fiction tales, heroes charging gallantly into battle heedless of win or fail upon the ancient steps of glory. A battle for time must be one. Join the characters from every realm as they seek the words. Well done. Audio adventures podcast by Joshua David Ling, full of epic poetry sure to make your heart sing. If you like listening to rob Inglis, read the Lord of the Rings or Andrew Peterson read his wingfeather saga. You’ll love audio adventures by Joshua David link. Visit Joshua David lang.com/audio adventures to listen

Joshua Ling 1:35
to date on post that wall we talked to author and all around geek T K. Wilson, about Disney redeemed nature and many more things including the homeschool siblings. You are now entering the walls Oh no. This is poet’s.

TK Wilson 2:05
Church was yesterday. Yes had like a multi church. Look thing and pastor was flying. He condensed about an hour long sermon into about 10 or 15 minutes.

Joshua Ling 2:18
That sounds about right. What was it?

TK Wilson 2:22
It was on prayer and he had a little you know, prayer across the outline thingy. The the old I’ve never heard of before. I guess it’s been around for a while the rice prayer set up.

Joshua Ling 2:36
Okay. I have not heard of that either.

TK Wilson 2:40
Might have been more of a bigger church thing? Or might be south of us? They south of New York anyway, because he was in Long Island. He’s from Long Island. He’s got the most hilarious accent. Oh, yeah. And then he moved to Florida, and had a church there. Then he moved back here to take over our church. One time, he came over to our house to pick up something and he might have snow later. He goes get outta here. And I’m like he actually said it. He said, Yeah,

Joshua Ling 3:14
I have some folks around here that I am confounded and amazed by their southern accent depending on the situation. But there’s such a and I know there is New York too. There’s a myriad of Southern accents. But then there are certain things that people say that you’re like, Oh, my goodness, one that immediately jumps to mind is my old football coach. He was actually the guitarist for Jerry Lee Lewis like that. Yes, that Great Balls of Fire here. Jerry Lewis. Yeah, he’s since passed on, but he was our football coach, and he homeschool high school team. And he he had all kinds of ridiculous phrases, but one of the number one phrase you know, your little southern isms, right? All these goofy little Irish phrases that came down to the Scots Irish, you know, into the Appalachian way of talking. The the one that always hit me hit hardest and just made the team just straight up roll. Is he one of our guys dropped the ball and he said, Boy take them gloves off them too slippery and rabbits not.

Joshua Ling 4:28
We were rolling it was it was spectacular. So yeah, why don’t you go ahead, introduce yourself to the listeners of poets of war and just just give it give it give them a little background of your many different talents and areas of expertise and even just hobby.

TK Wilson 4:45
Okay, so Hi there. My name is Tamra Wilson. I am writing under the handle of TK Wilson and I am a writer of fantasy and urban fantasy and a lot of nonfiction as well I was homeschooled all my life graduated college before online college was cool. So yeah, pre COVID people Oh, yeah. And I write I so I crochet, collected repair dolls. Collecting repair books were my big, minor hobbies right now is collecting up various books, children’s books and movies and other media that might be cancelled at some point. So yeah, leaving my doc on the Dr. Seuss market.

Joshua Ling 5:36
Hmm. Yeah, that’s a good idea. That’s an interesting area, because people don’t tend to think about intellectual property in terms of market value and stock market and that sort of thing. And various copies being worth anything that’s kind of just like, oh, yeah, like, whatever. That’s one of the reasons why, you know, what, with my writing and the things that I do, even if I’m not publishing, the thing that I’m telling people is I’m laying up intellectual property for my children. on down the line, I will publish, I am working toward all of that, you know, and everything else and in publishing is always something that I do online, always. But it’s just one of those things. People don’t think of intellectual property as property. Yeah,

TK Wilson 6:17
exactly. That’s another big thing is that grasp on my big hobbyhorses is keeping artists keeping their rights because of a certain incident that happened back in 2008. Nobody really knew about it until 2019, where there was a massive fire at Universal Studios or Hollywood, then completely destroyed a backlog of artists work. We’re talking like Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, Boris Karloff. Everything went up, everything was gone.

Joshua Ling 6:52
Was that also the Muppet fire? Because I know that the Muppets had a had a giant fire destroyed basically everything from Muppet Treasure Island and most of the 90s movies puppets?

TK Wilson 7:02
No, I don’t think so. But that explains a couple things. I never heard that before. So that’s on Disney right there with a big mouse. And nobody knew they didn’t say anything. They tried to cover it up until somebody at the New York Times got wind of it. And I’m actually in contact with Sarah Karloff, Boris Karloff daughter. And I wrote to her, he had no idea. She had no clue that her father’s work had been destroyed.

Joshua Ling 7:35
Wow. That’s crazy. That’s crazy.

TK Wilson 7:39
So that is one thing that I am dead on is that artists keep ahold of everything, every scrap of paper, every lyric, even if you don’t use it, put it away somewhere. Because you never know what’s gonna happen.

Joshua Ling 7:52
That’s one of the reasons you know, you don’t depend on cloud. But Cloud as a backup is extremely valuable and helpful. In many cases for this sort of thing. You know, I have most of my stuff backed up on multiple clouds, you know, it’s like, let’s go.

TK Wilson 8:06
Absolutely. I have all my stuff and the IP of artists that I respect, it’s in the public domain backed up on thumb drives. And I keep that right by my bed in case something happens. And I seem to just grab it and go hmm, yeah, we had we had a fire when I was 10. And I’m like, okay, everything important needs to be kept within reach in case of fire.

Joshua Ling 8:31
We brought up Universal Studios, we brought up Disney a little bit there. Um, I know you and I are huge fans of old school Disney, particularly of Renaissance and the Golden Age and things of that nature. One of the things that people constantly go out with Disney is obviously the Follow your heart we talked about that with Sarah Lovak a little bit and the sequence is sanctification then follow your heart because it’s been sanctified. And that’s that’s what it should be for the Christian that’s something that a lot of people don’t look into how has Disney affected you just not not just in like an entertainment value kind of way but how has it influenced your work? How has it influenced the way you think? You know, that sort of thing? Just just the I guess the philosophy of Disney and where it’s wrong, where it’s right and how it’s affected your your life in your work?

TK Wilson 9:25
An excellent question. Well, first off, I was like, I like you know, already. I was a huge Disney kid. I mean, I still have a lot of Disney memorabilia in my room despite how I feel about them now, but Disney affected me affected my work. huge, a huge amount. Even little like piddly things they threw in there TV shows like wrote on from tree Manor roses, was inspired by this one to throw away a character that never talked about again in the Aladdin TV show. I ran across a fan art of him and like oh Holy cow, I forgot he existed and they’re like, hey, huh? So that got me started with that. And that’s how we met. So you can say that we met through Disney.

Joshua Ling 10:11
Yeah, that’s true. We did. We did. We were talking about stuff on fellowship and fairy dust. Right. That’s where we first met.

TK Wilson 10:18
Yep, that’s where we first met. Yeah, Disney in the Disney princesses were a huge influence on my life. I mean, for a long time when I was a teenager, I and before that, I was very weird kid. I was very much into that whole follow your heart and chanted thing, and then everything was gonna work out perfectly because smiling a song and it just, it doesn’t work that way, the real world doesn’t work that way. And for a while there, I really I really disliked a lot of the Disney princesses. Number one because I felt sort of betrayed. But also because I absorbed a lot of feminist lies about who they are and what they’re like, you know, like Snow White, you know, she’s the past, blah, blah, blah. But I realised when I got older, how tough she actually was to maintain her optimism throughout being, you know, a slave being driven from her house being driven into the woods depend on the kindness of some strange little men, she had to be pretty tough. So it’s just not the same kind of tough as like, say Esmeralda or jasmine. So I took all of that anger. And for a while I’ve, in my writing, I felt like I need to be a bit more serious, you know, serious, like Harry Potter. And I’m like, after a while I was like, This isn’t me. I really need I really want to write something more whimsical, something more like what I grew up on these these stories of Disney and Don Bluth, and all those like animated musical type things, only better because I’m not focusing on the Follow Your Heart thing. Because that’s the part that really bothers me is that even after your sanctified after you become a Christian, you still have sinful tendencies. You still have to be careful about what you how much you listen to what your own feelings tell you.

Joshua Ling 12:39
Yeah, I was, uh, I was listening to actually, I believe it was cross politic. They, they did a show in which they were talking about this. And one of the, one of the big points that was brought up by I believe it was actually it wasn’t cross politic. It was Bigfoot revival. Another another show entirely. Anyway, they, they were talking about this idea that the same thing we’re talking about the Follow your heart being flawed, all that kind of thing. And one of the things that was really pointed out to me was this idea that they they kind of take the comfortable lie song, which is, is one of those things that doesn’t get talked about a lot. But essentially, it’s a Guna, Matata, it’s let it go. It’s a lot of the songs that you know, even Bare Necessities would fit into this category, they take the, the comfortable lie, the simple, you know, lie that you don’t have to be on your quest, doing your thing, and being vigilant and growing up and all these other ideas. And they make that the most fun song and the thing that when you cut it out of the entire narrative, if you start to think of it as something that is actually good in and of itself, and it’s not within the context of the story. And I think that’s one of the biggest flaws, even artistically in a Disney movie, usually, is this idea that this comfortable lie comes out of context, and people start experiencing it as a positive instead of a negative even though it’s a negative within the construct of the story.

TK Wilson 14:22

Joshua Ling 14:23
I have a tough Disney lyrics quiz that I actually put together for you. It’s only seven questions you want to you want to go for it. I will. Okay, cool. So there are seven questions here and we’re gonna start with these are lyrics from a movie and you have to guess the movie. They are multiple choice. Okay. All right. All right. First one, you dousing yourself rubbing your scrub, you sputter and splash all over the tub. Is it Snow White, Cinderella, The Rescuers are the Great Mouse Detective.

TK Wilson 15:00
That was Snow White.

Joshua Ling 15:02
Well done next. A wax moustache and a beaver coat a pony cart and a billy goat. The Great Mouse Detective Oliver and company Pinocchio or melody time

TK Wilson 15:15
I’m gonna go with Pinocchio on that one.

Joshua Ling 15:18
That is correct. I’m lost at sea without a friend that this journey will it ever end. Bambi Pinocchio The Rescuers are The Rescuers Down Under rescuers. Okay, you are three for three. A warm handshake or two good friends always do the Three Caballeros Saludos Amigos Kobata Mr Toad, or Oliver and company.

TK Wilson 15:42
I’m gonna go with Three Caballeros

Joshua Ling 15:47
Okay, we’ll do Three Caballeros I think it tells us at the end actually on those Okay, so you followed me I followed you. We were like each other shadows for a while now as you see this game is through so although it hurts I’ll try to smile. Is that Peter Pan make my music The Great Mouse Detective or the rescuers.

TK Wilson 16:06
Great Mouse Detective.

Joshua Ling 16:08
Okay. unrivalled unruffled. I’m beauty unleashed. Oliver and Company. Melody time The Rescuers Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Oliver and Company. Okay, last one where life is twice as easy where the Crickets? Crickets you don’t hear in the city? Keep a humming in your ear. Oh, so pretty. Is it fun and fancy free? Ibadan Mr. Toad princess in the frog or Robin Hood?

TK Wilson 16:37
I’m gonna go with the purchase on the frog. I really haven’t seen princess in the frog.

Joshua Ling 16:44
You missed two. I know that. I’m going to look up specifically which ones are what? But I know you missed Three Caballeros and I’m pretty sure the last one you missed. So let me see here. Then. Okay, that was actually Fun and Fancy Free. The last one.

TK Wilson 17:01
Ah, okay. Never seen other fancy free. So.

Joshua Ling 17:04
Okay, well, there you go. And then the other one was yes. Instead of Three Caballeros. It was Saludos Amigos. So you were real close. But yeah, that’s

TK Wilson 17:17
Oh, yes. That was the compilation film. They were all in together.

Joshua Ling 17:20
That’s the hardest one that I’ve been able to come up with. I love this super obscure. Yep, I love that. Those obscure, super obscure Disney, lyric quizzes and things and every time I do one, they’re never obscure enough. So I’m the one that you heard was specifically Fun and Fancy Free. That was from the lazy countryside from the short Bongo. Ah, okay. But anyway, so yeah, that was fun. That was a little different. I just thought I thought I’d try it since we both love Disney you you’re one of the only people who I could even hope would get a majority of them. And you did. So yeah, we’re dealing with a a major Disney queen right here, ladies and gentlemen. So what is it you want to talk about? I mean, you’ve got so many different things that you can talk about. With with your work, I want to hear about what you want to talk about. We’ve got treatment of roses, which I know you’ve been working on, we’ve got your doll business, we’ve got you know, your basically all your different resale, and restore businesses that you that you run. You’re just a busy little bee and I just I’m always intrigued by everything you’re doing and I really want people to go check out your stuff. So like talk about what you do and and why you’re into it.

TK Wilson 18:49
Okay, so as far as my writing goes, there were a whole tonne of problems that I was working out with treatment roses, that I was like, Okay, I need to take a break and do something different. So what I ended up doing was, I ended I actually ended up rewriting it in a short story form. Rather than an entire novel, I decided to pare it start, kind of paring it down and doing it in instalments on a website called Read Z. And that ended up giving me the little creative boost I needed to get through editing and paring it down and and getting back to know my characters again, because it all got kind of lost in what I wanted to do with them. Because I had so many ideas I was bouncing from here to there from project to project and it just got very overwhelming even though I was excited for all of them. I was like I can’t do the work on This, I have to finish this one first and this one first. And I was like, Oh, just, I’m just tired, my brain was tired. And then doing it, in short form really helped. To remind me what exactly I’m doing here. What exactly I want to do here, what exactly my purpose was. And it wasn’t, you know, to compete with JK Rowling or anybody else, because that was a thing that I had in my mind. That was one thing that had always been in my mind is I want to compete with JK Rowling because she doesn’t deserve what she’s gotten, admittedly stupid. She worked just as hard as anybody else. I may not like her purse as a person, but she’s worked just as hard as anyone else. But I lost sight of what God had put these stories in my life for he stories, and these characters are there for a reason. It’s not for competing with anyone else. It’s for His glory, and not mine, and not to compete with anyone else. So I’m currently in the process of editing my original short stories from Reed Z. I chose five to start out with, and I hope to have the four for sale on Amazon, no later than the 12th day of Christmas. 2022.

Joshua Ling 21:32
Sweet. That sounds great. So with that being said, how are your How are your stories bringing honour to God, as far as you’re hoping, I mean, obviously, one of the big things and I do not want people to lose sight of this is the idea that your stories are if they bring you money, they are actually as a Christian you are that that gives you more ability to build even other things for the kingdom of Christ, build your own business, feed your family, you know, all that other kind of stuff. So like, I don’t want to put any, you know, lower emphasis on that. I think that’s one of the greatest reasons to create art in the first place. But in your themes, and your tones and all that other kind of stuff. What are you attacking with these stories? Or defending with these stories? What how are you? perpetuating beauty in the world through your themes and your characters? And such?

TK Wilson 22:26
Is that is one thing that I do love to think about is that I want people to understand the value and beauty of nature as part of God’s creation. That’s why the dryads are there is that they represent a sort of redeemed nature like the song she waits from. Is it the Grey Havens?

Joshua Ling 22:54
It is the Grey Havens.

TK Wilson 22:56
Okay, good. Cute. I once was, I almost said Mumford and signs,

Joshua Ling 23:01
definitely not Mumford. But

TK Wilson 23:05
I want them to be a picture of redeemed nature. And that’s why witches and wizards hate them so much is because they represent the loss of nature in that they could control it, but they can’t anymore. And when it comes to the elves, and the Pixies and other creatures like that, they are also part of the redeem nature. Their purpose is to protect and defend nature in particular, and humans that come into their pads as their friends from evil.

Joshua Ling 23:46
I gotcha. That makes sense. So what about them dolls? What about like the what’s so great about fixing dolls and selling them?

TK Wilson 23:59
Well, it started out when I was a kid, actually. I mean, I had friends who were not talking about said here. We’re not talking about kids like said that were blowing up there. They were blowing up crap. My mother wouldn’t have let us interact with kids who did sell. But they kind of treated their toys like they were, you know, like, nothing. They would leave them outside to get mouldy and crap and stuff like that. And I’m like, if I’m if my mom thought I did that, she kicked my butt. Yeah, because one thing that our parents taught us was to respect each other, respect each other’s belongings respect other people’s belongings, including their property. I would see people you know, throwing out like American Girl dolls. And I’m like, Are you kidding me? Are you freaking kidding me? So what I what I do is I grab it If they’re missing limbs or something like that, I can’t fix that. But I grab what I can, if they’re just dirty, or their hair is a mess, or they’re in some way flawed, but other people could use them, other kids could play with them. Because there’s no sense to me in throwing out something that could still be enjoyed by other people, even if you don’t want it. So I grabbed them, and I fixed them up, and I resell them, or give them away.

Joshua Ling 25:33
Now you and your brother also work together on various things I know that you’ve, he’s drawn for you, and you’ve helped with his writing as well, you guys are sort of, I don’t know how to say it. In my particular Facebook group that most of us in these first couple episodes know each other from, you’re almost like the Laurel and Hardy of a group, I don’t know who to. But it’s, there’s this constant back and forth, sibling thing, which I’m always a huge fan of. And just like, I guess, creatively, you know, and kindly speak to how, you know, you guys with two very different personalities, work together to create art. And just compare that to how God you know, like, uses this sort of thing in in our this kind of friction between people that love each other to make something beautiful.

TK Wilson 26:26
Well, that also started out when we were kids. Well, you see, he and I really only homeschoolers in the neighbourhood. So most of the day we didn’t have anybody else to play with. And even then we only had a couple of friends in the neighbourhood because it wasn’t exactly a very nice town. At that time. It’s better now. We’ve driven through their various trips, and it’s hugely improved. And I’m like, Where was this, you know, 10 years ago. But we were also really the only kids in town who are in, in our area of town. Anyway, our street who were interested in actually creating the books and cartoons and whatnot. And I’m not, I’m not throwing any stones on anybody else. So these kids, I hadn’t even seen it, since they moved out to they moved out of town. But we were the only people we only had really each other. It also our dad was in the military. So that also made us weird, because we could be gone anytime really, it was the 90s. So anytime there was any kind of conflict, there was always you know, in Haiti, Bosnia, you know, there was some kind of debacle across the sea going on at all the time in the 90s. So anytime there was that there was a possibility that we could be stationed somewhere else. My parents bought a house to make sure we’d have somewhere to go back to when that was done.

Joshua Ling 28:02
Yep. My Casey, my wife’s father, I’m not Casey’s my wife, her father was in army, during Gulf War, all that other kind of stuff. And similar kind of situation for her, I find that military families tend to almost be like homeschooled families almost by default, because there’s a certain amount of isolation, there’s definitely kids that have, they tend to develop slightly deeper relationships with within their family as compared to the rest of the world, and their friends and the people around them because they could just up and go. And that’s something that I’ve always found interesting about military families and homeschool families, especially when they go together. Um, with that being said, you know, I think I totally understand your relationship that way. I always did things with my siblings. And you actually remember, because you used to watch me and my siblings, the sibling sibling productions on YouTube. You were watching the sissy reviews back in the day. It’s so funny. We found out years later when we when we met each other and fellowship and fairy dust that you were a fan of me and my sisters YouTube channel, you know, back, you know, we were doing this probably, I’d say about 2008 through 2012 or so. And you were a huge fan of us there.

TK Wilson 29:35
I know. That was crazy. Small world.

Joshua Ling 29:39
Do you remember like how you found our YouTube channel?

TK Wilson 29:42
I do not. I think it might have had something to do with My Little Pony Friendship is Magic or the movie Bartok magnificent, because I remember there were references to both of those things in the in the one video that I remember seeing it clearly enough.

Joshua Ling 29:58
Yep, some of those are still needed. If anyone wants to look up sissy review, go ahead. I don’t have access to that channel anymore. It just kind of floats now.

TK Wilson 30:07
That’s probably okay. Considering the changes YouTube has had to make, though. Some of them were a long time and coming and I approve of them hardly. Like the whole capa thing. As much as I realise it is a pain. It also protects kids and I’m all for that.

Joshua Ling 30:24
Yeah, capa is a weird thing. You know, I think it’s implemented and executed horribly on YouTube. I do think something needed to be done. But it’s it’s just a whole other weird thing, because like some of the stuff that I do being rhyming, Oh, yeah. Thankfully, they haven’t implemented a whole lot of automatic flagging. But basically, you know, if they ever decided to do it, my stuff would almost immediately come under review because it rhymes. But that does not mean that Beowulf Oh, yeah, no, and things of that nature and that violence level are anywhere near kid friendly.

TK Wilson 31:03
Exactly. Yeah, they need to make sure that if and when they implement automatic flagging, it’s a little bit more sensitive than just, you know, flagging something because it’s a animated or, because it’s this that the other thing because, you know, as well as I do that not all animation is for children?

Joshua Ling 31:21
Oh, definitely not. Yeah, animation is. That’s a funny business in and of itself. I’m actually going to have on in a couple in a couple days or weeks or something. I haven’t booked a guy who is making a Disney Style animated movie. His name’s Chad Lewis. And he’s doing some really cool stuff with that. Doing a well let him talk about it when he gets to it. But it’s a Hans Christian Andersen related thing. Also, yours truly might be doing some voices for it. So that would be really cool. Oh, um, so we’ll see how that goes. And yeah, so that would be really cool. What else do you want to talk about? This is pretty much open for you to preach your gun, whoa, whatever. And whatever else, you know, I’ve written I’ve gone through most of my questions and ideas I had for topics. So what do you have? Well, I

TK Wilson 32:15
didn’t finish talking about my collaboration with Ian. So get to it. So another thing about that was that mom and dad taught us that when it comes right down to it, all we have is each other. And that’s not a net that is used sometimes in some families as, like a negative thing to to incur guilt. But in our case, it was the simple fact of the matter is that when it came right down to the wire, all we had was one another. So that is a philosophy that he and I have carried forward into adulthood. And we, when we were kids, we were worked together on various you know, little fan comics and whatnot. That did most of them. We still have around the house someplace. And we just grow working together like was normal. And sometimes we drive each other absolutely insane. Yeah, absolutely. freaking nuts. Oh, yes.

Joshua Ling 33:18
Variants. I know how that goes.

TK Wilson 33:22
You have more than one sibling. So

Joshua Ling 33:25
yes, I have. I’m the old the oldest of five. So I’m very much there. And I think I drove a lot of the creativity out of all of the others in their adult life. Which is, which is unfortunate that they have their own creativity or whatever else and I’m not saying that they aren’t creative at all. But I was always the one kind of bringing them all together to you know, Avengers Assemble, and it you know, after a while, they found their own thing, which is awesome, which is really awesome. I’m really proud of all of them, honestly. And they’re all creative in their own amazing way. I’m very proud of my family for that for that reason, so, okay, sounds good. Where can people find you online?

TK Wilson 34:11
Even find my business at love rose rouge, vintage toys and repair. Right now I have a picture of a bunch of Disney Princess dolls in front of a fold out Disney princess castle you can’t miss it. I do not have a Facebook page for my writing as yet. I should probably do that. But you can find me on Twitter as at TK Wilson author one. And my Twitter handle is white rose princess.

Joshua Ling 34:42
Well everyone. Remember you if you are a Christian, you are part of this culture war. You are a soldier in God’s army and you need to go out and fight to return truth, beauty and goodness to this world. We appreciate you listening and we’ll talk to you soon. Back

Joshua Ling 35:00
God said hard speech Ray Charles died one shot