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ITR58 – Huddle

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 58

Amanda gathered her crew in a huddle.
And addressed them promptly there.

Amanda: “My Dad has given us a way out.
Are y’all ready to go from here?”

Dex: “I thought your Dad wasn’t on your side.”

Amanda: “He is when it gets this intense.
Blayze, can Pandora’s AI
Help us in a pinch?”

Blayze: “Sure. What’s the plan?”

Amanda began to explain.
But an Federation Ranger
Stuck his nose in their game.

FR: “Is that a teleportation device?
Are we getting out of here?”

Dex facepalmed so very hard,
It could be heard from outer spheres.

Amanda: “Ignore him everyone,”
Amanda Commanded.
Amanda: “We’ll be able to help them all,
Once we’ve landed-
On our feet in our
Magnus Canis home.
But first we have to
take out their tractor drone.
I’ve set the location my Dad
Gave me for it,
As well as the one for the ship,
Everybody got it?”

FR: “But how do you know
The calculations for-
Finding your ship,
And the tractor drone’s store?”

Amanda sighed and tuned to the man,
Who was getting on her nerves and distracting her plan.

Amanda: “We have an android. Her power is weak,
But her calculations are correct, and we have no time to speak.”

FR: “You don’t want to teleport right into a wall.
You could rearrange your insides or end up in a hall,
Of Gryvians ready to vaporize you.”

Amanda: “We’re willing to take that risk.”

FR: “Okay! I warned you!”

Amanda: “Blayze, you’re with me! Everyone else to the ship!”

Amanda mashed the button, and their whole world flipped.

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