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ITR54 – The Sylvani War Part 1

Idiot’s Guide For Illegal Tech Repair 54
(The Sylvani War Part 1)

Blayze: “My wife Psyche and I,
Were in the Sylvani War.
Since The Sylvani Trace was frontier,
There was no leadership in store-
For the Federation when they attacked.
Only coalitions and confederacies fought-
To end the tyranny they saw encroaching,
Upon their lands and lots.

During one of the last battles,
In that horrible war,
Psyche was severed in two at the waist
By a 51C94.
A bomb that emits a horizontal blast
Of Flames over a wide plane.
And though her wound was cauterized,
It didn’t numb the pain.

She could not speak, but we weren’t far from home,
I picked up her upper half up and ran.
Back to our home as quick as I could,
And within the span-
Of just a couple of minutes,
It appeared she would surely die.
I had no medical equipment in my workshop,
But I would surely try.

My brain was going a million miles a second,
And all I could think to do,
Was cut out her brain and heart,
And freeze them in Co2.
I then quickly put together a system,
Vampiric though it might be,
To power her brain using her heart,
And try and see-
If I could save her this way,
And create another body.
It mostly worked, and did power the brain.
But my freezing of that, was shoddy.

Though the heart remained in-tact.
The brain would not fire anymore.
And her heart kept beating in that mindless machine,
And soon after, we’d lost the war.”

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