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ITR31 – Crashing

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair

The beeping increasingly grew louder,
As did Amanda’s voice.

Amanda: “Why are we stopping here and not Yovanna?!”

Dex: “We didn’t have a choice!


Dex gripped the controls in his hands,
As the ship shook, and shuddered, and rocked,
Determined to get them safely to Tarmish.
The course in which they were locked.
It had been three days since the rogue Mason,
Had hacked his way into their ship.
Repairs were dire. And if they didn’t act,
Their chances in space would slip.

Amanda: ” We passed Ninavin ages ago!
Why didn’t we stop there?”

Dex: “You think they’ve got the parts we need,
To make these kind of repairs?!”

Wendall: “Please reduce speed.” Came a voice from Wendall,
The ship’s automatic co pilot.

Amanda: “He’s telling you to slow down, Dex!”

Dex: “Shut up! I can handle it!
Besides, his sensors are damaged from Mason’s work.
I have to do this thing blind.”

Amanda: “Wait, what?!? Dex, are you insane?”

Dex: “Do you have something else in mind?”

Amanda: “How about not crashing us into this rock?”

Dex: “Not an option at this moment!
Sit down and buckle up!!”

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