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ITR30 – Keep On Sailing

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 30
(Keep On Sailing)

Soon all of The Magnus Canis’
Crew had awoken.
Blayze tended to Pandora’s wounds,
And a few words were spoken,
For Mason, James’ attacker and friend,
Who was so very lost,
And so determined to revenge James,
He paid the ultimate cost.
A few hours later Amanda came in
To James’ small bunk room.
He looked understandably shaken,
Fighting depression and gloom.
Amanda sat right next to him,
And gave him a big hug.

Amanda: “Sorry for everything that happened.”
James answered with a shrug.

James: “I just feel bad Pandora didn’t trust me.
I hope that she’ll be okay.”

Amanda: “She is very close to Blayze.
I think she was embarrassed to show,
Certain parts of her to you.
She’s very modest, you know?”

James: “Maybe she was right to distrust me.
My negligence killed Mason’s family before.”

Amanda stared blankly at James for a moment.
Then disgust began to show.

Amanda: “James you are an excellent Doctor.
And an excellent soldier too.
You’re wonderful with medical technology!
Don’t let me hear this from you!
There’s a reason that I chose you
To be part of this crew.
Do you need time off from flying?”

James: ” That’s the last thing I need to do.
Sailing is what keeps me going.
But I have a question for you.”

Amanda raised an eyebrow
And waited for the question she feared.

James: “What is wrong with Pandora?
Why is she so weird?”

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