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ITR21 – Flash Ball

The Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 21
(Flash Ball)

The bright orange orb of translucent fire
Rattled off the pipe,
That James Washington had just swung
With every ounce of his might.
It crackled with a static charge,
As the others tried to retrieve it.
And when James rounded the second station
The ricochet finally quit.
Dex had a grip on the flash ball,
And threw it hard as he could.
Pandora caught it and went to tag,
But James was safe where he stood.
James had won this round at least,
And they all laughed in fun.
Then Wendall issued a soft alarm
That left everyone stunned.

Wendall: “Oxygen levels are decreasing.
Approximately one percent per 4 hours.
There appear to be no leaks,
And pumps are at full power.
Please perform routine checklist,
Or consult Toolbox Support.
Diagnostics will run in the background,
While you finish your sport.”

Amanda: “Huh, weird. We should check that.
Pandora? Blayze? You want this?”

Pandora: “Are you serious? Of course we do!
It would be utter bliss!”

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