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GOA90 – Don’t Stop Me Now

Guardians Of Atlanta 90
(Don’t Stop Me Now)

Jezebel snapped into Amy’s mind,
And took on full control.
Bristlesmoke fired her darkness mightily,
But the blows did not take a toll.
Clipper aimed from the bushes,
But could not get a good shot.
His objective was to keep Amy alive,
And help her to the mountain top.

Jezebel: “Hello Bristlesmoke.
Long time no see.”

Bristlesmoke huffed and ceased her fighting.

Bristlesmoke: “I will not let you be free.
You’re trying to unlock,
Something that should remain gone.”

Jezebel: “I might be an echo of what was.
But that will not be for long.
I suspect since your sisterhood is waning,
You’re grasping for the last power you have.”

Bristlesmoke: “I am the mother of our sisterhood now!
Now please, step down and come back!”

Jezebel laughed.

Jezebel: “You simple fool,
You cannot stop me now.
No one can. No not one.
And now, I bid you ciao.”

With a snap of her fingers,
Bristlesmoke disintegrated into a pile of bones.
Jezebel dropped to her knees and her eyes,
Had sunken in, and she groaned.

Jezebel: “Probably should have saved that.”

To herself she chuckled,
And she continued her way up the mountain,
bruised, with knees that buckled.

Clipper smiled and into his device-
Recorded another note.

Clipper: “Well, we HAD a new player.
So much for Bristlesmoke.”

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