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GOA76 – Diagnosis: Day One

Guardians Of Atlanta 76
(Diagnosis: Day 1)

This poem is written in the voice of Marlynn Xanadu.

In all my life I’ve never seen
Such a creature as her.
Such beauty externally she bears
And there’s something inside that’s pure.
However it’s obvious it’s been defiled
By something much more deep.
Her mind is not completely there.
And though the climb is steep,
I plan on helping this little one,
For God sent her to me.
And regardless of any fears I have,
A diagnosis will help me see.

Day 1:

After a day with the girl God sent me,
I’ve noticed some interesting things.
I’ve witnessed three distinct personalities already
And that’s certainly troubling.
And so I’ll document them here,
And my experiences with them.
For those who may be reading this now,
I hope this will help many men.

Personality 1:

The first personality I encountered
Seemed the one most lucid.
Even though she was definitely the one
Who seemed the most socially muted.
I asked her name, and she didn’t remember,
A recurring theme I’ve found.
But just for the sake of defining these people,
I’ve decided to call her Amy for now.
Amy is a soft, and scared little girl,
Who’s happy I saved her life.
She refers to me as her Guardian Angel,
And she seems to put up a fight,
Against all the forces that live in her head,
Though sometimes they prevail.
I believe if there’s a real person in this girl,
Amy’s the one who is real.

Personality 2:

Not to be mean,
But number two made me shiver.
The transition was jarring.
Like a white-water river.
But when it was finished
The person I did meet,
Was calm, and quiet,
And eerily sweet.
Whenever I asked a question, in turn,
she’d reply with some spiritual nonsense.
For a moment she tried to ignore me and meditate.
This girl was some spiritual mess.
And so I named this one Diana,
Since it was the first goddess that came to mind.
Diana’s not one that I really like to study.
Even though she’s kind.

Personality 3:

The Transition to this one
was smoother than before.
In fact, there was no transition.
No mind-shaking war.
One minute was Diana,
and the next came Jezebel.
Who is definitely my least favorite so far.
For she seemed to know me well.
Well, not personally or anything.
But she did understand,
The power that I used
When lending her a hand.
This personality known as Jezebel
Knows much witchcraft.
She knows it VERY well.
Far more than I do, in fact.
She talked of black magic so much,
I covered my ears and hid.
She called me ”Little boy?”
And spoke of prophecy amid
A Mountain of Stone
In Georgia of all places.
Soon she fell asleep,
Hiding all of Amy’s faces.

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