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GOA73 – Mother Vs. Son

Guardians Of Atlanta 73
(Mother Vs. Son)

Blacksquawk: “What is this?
Where did it come from?”

Marlynn: “Please don’t burn it!
I’ll become numb!
I love The Lord.
At least I want to.”

Blacksquawk: “You stupid boy!
Think of all I’ve given you!
The Lord hates all of our conjurings.
I can hardly say his name!
There are forces in this universe
That can never be the same.
A warlock like you,
And The Lord most of all.
Now please stop this foolishness.
Let’s end this gall!”

Marlynn stared at Blacksquawk for a moment,
And tucked his Bible under his arm.
He went to push past his adoptive mother.
But then she did him harm.
Marlynn didn’t see it coming,
But a slap from her hand stung his face smartly.
And then she began to speak in a tongue
That was eerie, cold, and darkly.
After she finished her incantation
Which Marlynn had never heard.
She smiled and told him lightly.

Blacksquawk: “Now maybe you’ll be cured.
For now you cannot leave this house
Unless I am dead at your feet.
You will stay in this house, Marlynn.
Your training you will complete.”

Marlynn began to cry.

Marlynn: “Mother, why would you do this?”

Blacksquawk: “I am protecting you my son.
Something in you is amiss.”

She pulled the book from under his arm
And threw it against a wall.
And Marlynn knew what he had to do.
Though the thought of it made him bawl.

Blacksquawk: “Is that any way to act?
Marlynn, You are a warlock!
Get your head out of the clouds!
Stand before me and talk!”

But Marlynn’s grief in this was too strong.
And Blacksquawk became irritated.
She lashed out at him in her hate.
And so the fight was instigated.

This battle raged for four whole days.
Everything possible was used.
From spells and incantations,
To biting and scratching they bruised-
One another harshly, but in the end
Marlynn stood alone.
Though not without being burned all over,
And not without broken bones.

Blacksquawk had reduced him to a hideous shell.
Ashamed at all he had done.
Grieving the loss of his evil Mother.
And wondering if he had won.
Or if the commandment to honor one’s Mother,
And not to kill applied.
All of these feelings of guilt continued
Constantly to well up inside.
He escaped the cabin and set it ablaze.
So that any who came wouldn’t know,
The things that went on in that cursed house.
That twisted, diabolical freakshow.

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