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GOA104 – The Entrance

Guardians Of Atlanta 104
(The Entrance)

The lightning woke them all,
Especially because it was bright.
And although the sky was overcast,
The clouds showed puffy, white, light.
Not at all like rainclouds,
One might have expected.
Cyrus screamed in terror,
And her last meal, she rejected.

William scrambled over to her,
As Bobby and Amira stirred.

William: “Cyrus! What’s wrong? What happened?”

Cyrus: “Our fears were not absurd!
I know Eclipse! I know who she is!”

Amira: “Really, Cyrus? Who?”

Cyrus: “William, we have to save him now!”

William: “Cyrus what’s wrong with you?”

Bobby: “Did you just say ‘him?’”

Amira: “Guys, let her talk!”

Cyrus: “Eclipse isn’t a normal person!
The truth is far more grim!
We know Phillip Keller experimented on her,
But we do not know why.
We don’t know what he did to her,
But I’ve been starting to try.
And the reason she’s so very familiar,
Is her soft brown eyes.
They belonged to my fiance Connor.”

Bobby: “Cyrus, what’s the big surprise?”

Cyrus: “I don’t mean that sentence metaphorically.
I mean it’s 100% true.
Connor’s eyes were taken from his body,
And glued into her head too!”

The mountain was silent for a moment,
As the Guardians stood disgusted.
Then before anyone could comment,
The silence was interrupted.

Bobby: “The Freakshow’s gone.”

Everyone looked, and they all saw it was true.

William: “Everyone just calm down for a moment.
Let’s think of what to do.”

Earlier that morning, Around 4 AM,
Marlynn paced to and fro.
He stared at The Guardians huddled together.
Sleeping with deep breaths, slow.
He knew they were his best shot
At finding his dear friend.
And he knew they were tired and worn out.
But his worry would not end
Until Amy sat with him again.
He turned and went to leave.
But something would not let him go.
Something in his heart cleaved.
He paused for a moment, and bowed his head.
And poured his heart out to God.
Tears streaming down his deformed, scarred, face.
As his feet continued to plod.

But as he prayed: “Lord, show me the way,”
He nearly broke his ankle.
Loose rocks beneath him gave way,
And he began to see a new angle.
He tumbled down but grabbed the ledge,
And saw the way inside.
The dark winding hallway lay before him.
Tears of joy he now cried.
He went to pull himself back up,
But he stopped a moment to think.

Marlynn: “They’ve worked so hard to get me here.
They deserve forty winks.”

He took a granola bar wrapper from his pocket,
And put it halfway under a stone.
Hopefully the Guardians would see the marker
And it wouldn’t get blown.
And so The Freakshow blundered into the dark,
With no natural way to see.
Guided only by an irrational love
For his only friend, Amy.

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