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FNF10 – In The Garden

The Rhyming Little Mermaid 9
(In The Garden)

After Silas and Demi danced,
They retired to the royal garden.
The guards surrounded the ivy-ed gates
And their hearts did the opposite of harden.
They were now alone and could speak-
All that was on their mind.
No one could judge their manner of speech,
They could be casual, and they could be kind.
They spoke together for three hours
About whatever things they prized.
And here is a portion of that conversation,
Near when they first arrived.

Silas: “Since I heard you were coming to court,
I’ve had nothing but constant fear.
But that all disappeared when I saw you,
And I’m excited now that you’re here.”

Demi smiled and blushed,
As she sat there on a seat.
He took her hands into his,
And she smiled at his eyes so sweet.

Demi: “I was worried until I heard tales,
Of how brave and bold you were.
And ever since I saw your face,
My heart is in an uproar.”

Silas: “I thought that you would be prim and proper.
And fragile like a lilly.
I thought you’d be uninterested in things,
And wear things pink and frilly.”

Demi laughed and he smiled back,
They both had more to say.
But they both agreed they should be married.
And they’d get married this day.
A few more hours of private talk,
Would seal up any doubts.
And when they left that garden there,
They’d let their secret out.

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