Joshua David Ling is available for storytelling and speaking events of all kinds, and of any size.

Some examples include:

Family Events
Birthday Parties
School Events
Corporate Events
Academic Events

Price: FREE!!!

That’s right! FREE!Β 

All of my storytelling events are free. I consider it my mission and act of charity to share storytelling with the world, and I truly believe God will give it back. I do accept gifts of all sorts, and may put my hat out or give electronic options for people who enjoyed themselves to show their appreciation, but in a postmodern world that has been so ravaged by nihilism, materialism, and more, I would rather give the gifts I have away and trust in God to reward it as He sees fit.

Obviously, this means events are limited.

Call, text, or email me at
770-814-1849 or

So get your booking in today!
I’m able to travel within the CSRA and occasionally to other locations around the Southeastern United States. I’m also willing to do online events over Zoom, Skype, or whatever your preferred video-conferencing software. I will consider all and accept most gifts of travel or accommodations.

So give me a buzz and let’s get to telling some stories!

Additional Information:

Joshua David Ling is not responsible for any physical, material, or psychological harm resulting from the storytelling experience, or any situational damages during the said event.

All stories are chosen at the discretion of the storyteller.

Requests for specific stories or themes must be asked for 1 week ahead of time or during the initial booking process.

All stories told by Joshua David Ling seek to be as age-appropriate as possible. We do not tell any stories with explicit or obviously implicit sexual content, or foul language, but unless otherwise notified beforehand, our stories may include blood, swords, magic, weapons, dragons, monsters, perilous situations and more. Our stories usually fall into the PG to light PG-13 category according to MPAA standards. We can and will at request, tone stories down or change them to suit the age-appropriate audience.