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Deep Breath (WWW17) – Poetry for Warriors Daily (Ep. 40)


After their visit to Army Dave’s, Braden and Rayen settle into a hotel room to consolidate their knowledge and make final preparations for their mission. Rayen provides instructions to Braden, emphasizing the importance of speed and stealth. However, Braden interrupts her, revealing his concerns about her well-being. She sees fear in his eyes that goes beyond their mission and California’s safety. Rayen, using Braden’s middle name, Nahuel, opens up to him about her true motivations. She admits that she has been caught up in the excitement of intrigue and international politics but neglected to share her deeper reasons. Rayen acknowledges her own aging and the loss of Braden’s grandfather, expressing how she wants to make a difference and not let their homeland down. Touched by her vulnerability, Braden assures her that nothing she has taught him has been in vain, and they will face the challenges together, honoring the memory of his grandfather. They both reaffirm their commitment to the fight ahead.

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