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AA4 CTW1 – The Protector And The Conduit

0:00 An urban American moves to Ireland and finds himself embroiled in an ancient disaster that nearly split the universe apart. He and his new friends must hold our world and theirs together until the final healing can take place. This is cracking the world. These audio adventures are supported by listeners like you. Without […]

AA5 NOD1 – The Windy Wood (Transcript)

0:00 in a fantasy world, where music is literally magic, a prince and a peasant girl, set out on a journey to reclaim the young prince’s kingdom. 0:11 This is notes of destiny. 0:19 These audio adventures are supported by listeners like you. Without your help these stories can’t be produced. If these stories feed […]

PAW9 – General’s Report: 90’s Imagination

Unknown Speaker 0:00 This is another general report. And here’s your general Joshua David Ling Unknown Speaker 0:07 . Unknown Speaker 0:07 Hello, everyone. Unknown Speaker 0:09 It is a good morning for me and I hope metaphorically, it is a good morning for you regardless of whether or not it is in fact morning, […]

PAW10 – Chad Lewis (Transcript)

Joshua Ling 0:00 Today’s episode of poets at war is sponsored by the following. Imagine countless worlds before you fantasy and science fiction tales, heroes charging gallantly into battle heedless of win or fail upon the ancient steps of glory. A battle for time must be one. Join the characters from every realm as they […]

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